Forget the ethnic jokes, this is deadly serious. For generations, the New England "blue bloods" sold America out to the Communists. Then the Old Boys' Network at the top of the secret services would hire more of these "blue bloods" from Harvard.

And gosh darn it, guess what happened? Gee whiz, another New England "blue blood" sold us out again! It is not an accident that Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society which pushed the Communist Conspiracy idea, was from Massachusetts. For him, the high-level Communists were a fact of life.

When I dealt with security matters, we just took it for granted that if you wanted the Reds to know, you let the Old Boys know. We were a bunch of judgmental rednecks, you see. We had a totally out of date line

Commies BAD. We Good. Period.

Notice that when Senator Torricelli arranged it so that all information about questionable spies had to be cleared with the Washington office, not a single case was referred. Everybody knew exactly what would happen to spies about whom the central office knew everything.

If you don't trust the New England Old Boy Network, who do you trust? As a judgmental redneck, you trust OTHER judgmental rednecks. Yes, Virginia, these judgmental rednecks, aka patriots, are exactly the people ethnic stereotypes would tell you they are.

You don't trust all Southerners, but you trust Southerners. You don't trust all Americans with Irish names, but they are an excellent bet. With the same caveat, you trust Mormons, you look for Midwesterners, and you trust your gut.

So when Irish Catholic family man Robert Hansen and a retired army sergeant named Bryan Patrick Reagan are the two latest big-time sellouts, my blood runs cold.

No one else would dare say this, because it is just true. Ands the truth is no excuse. As with everything else, Political Correctness takes precedence over national security.

POOR BABIES! | 2003-11-08

If you want to know how the World War II generation looks at itself, look at Bob Dole's favorite picture of himself.

You have seen that picture at least twenty times. It shows Bob Dole as a young man in his hospital bed, back to the camera, all alone with his war injury. He is lying in bed, and no one is there.

Actually, Dole's entire home town of Lawrence, Kansas threw itself behind the young man who had been injured in the War. But the picture Dole's generation likes is the one of him all alone and forgotten, the Silent Hero.

No generation of Americans has ever been less forgotten than the one that calls itself The Greatest Generation. Those who fought in World War One received no veterans' benefits at all. The veterans of Vietnam were reviled, the heroes of the Korean War were forgotten.

But only the Greatest Generation Truly Suffered.


Very few Aristocrats tolerated Jews. Naciocrats tolerate and LOVE Jews. There is a difference.

There are no Aristocrats and there have been no Aristocrats in hundreds of years. If there are any true Aristocrats around, we are it.

Comment by Tim


I coined a term I call naciocrats. I know a number of classical scholars, and tried it out on them. They sort of said it was all right.

I knew that naciocrat was that no-no of no-nos, a Latin beginning combined with a Greek ending. What I was looking for was a correction of "nacio" for the Greek term. Each of the experts acted as if they hadn't quite heard me and said the term naciocrat was OK.

Actually nacio is a Latin term, the basis of the present Latin languages term "nacion," which means nation. It is related to the Latin word for "birth." But every Latin country demands "assimilacion," which means that anybody who is a good Catholic is part of their "nacion" regardless of birth.

If you speak French, you're French.

So naciocrat is probably wrong, but classical scholars approve it for a reason that few of us have learned to live with: They don't KNOW. When an expert acts like he doesn't hear you, it is a signal that he doesn't know.

The important point, as Tim points out, is that "aristocracy" is an absurd term. They are NOT "aristos," the BEST. So they sell us out like any other clown does. They sell their lineage out the way they would sell anything else.

"Aristocrat" hell! They are trash with a family tree.


Poor old Lott. No conservative ever worked so hard to be respectable. When reporters ask him to, he praises the fairness of the liberal media.

A respectable conservative is called a conservative because he tells some of the truth. On the other hand, he can only stay respectable if he condemns any truth that is real heresy to our national true Faith.

As in any religious tyranny, it is hard for person who talks for a living to stay inside the lines set out by the Inquisition. Poor Lott, who has spent his whole life saying the right things, heard the applause for pro-Thurmond statements at that birthday party and said the wrong thing in praise of Strom.

Does Lott BELIEVE in the True Faith of Integration? Like all of our national spokesmen today, Lott doesn't believe anything. No one in power in our society has any true belief or any true loyalty to much of anything. This always happens when a society imposes an Inquisition on itself.

No one is enough of a True Believer to say the right thing all the time. When you impose a True Faith, the only person who can say exactly the right thing all the time is an absolute sociopath, someone who has no real conscience at all.

The True Faith of Communism ended up in the hands of real nut cases like Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot.

In an Inquisition Society like ours, only a true sociopath can be consistent enough to survive.

The society we live in today naturally produces bishops who help perverts rape thousands of little boys, businessmen who steal and all the rest. In an Inquisition society, lying is not merely OK, it is required.

Meanwhile, Fox News Network wants to know "What problems?!"