I can't find it now but I saw comments in BUGS about celebrity anti-whites and how to ANSWER them.

Someone else was making points about immigrants lowering wages.

Let's not start on the trail of the National Review, where any male liberal who deigns to take their side in something is in danger of being gang-raped.

No one can BE a celebrity if he not publicly anti-white.

I call this veering away from the Mantra message tailgating:

You follow the anti-white so close you end up destroyed, because you are on a motor bike and he is driving a Mack truck.

People dealing with some celebrity's YouTube got into his saying some non-whites were dumb too.

What has that got to do with GENOCIDE? I seem to remember it was a quote from somebody CLAIMING to be a young girl -almost everybody who makes a point of being a young girl on the Web is male.

But the point is that if this girl boy talks about bring impressed he is by the "frankness" of a celebrity, so much so that it sounds true, you do NOT ANSWER that.

The only time you ANSWER ANYbody is when you can make one of our points.

Anything else is tailgating, and you and your motorbike won't survive it.

I went to Derek Black's Convention, and saw Derek Black, White Rabbit and Truck Roy take up our whole Mantra approach so and let me just listen to them as they dealt with introducing the concept.

I wanted to try to describe it,

So what did I run into when I got back?

Commenters were here singing the DUHH! Chorus.

Gee, you were telling each other, what about this "race is a myth business."

In all these years, we have finally got two whole intellectual steps:

1) You don't defend against racism, you tell the simple truth that they are engaged in WHITE GENOCIDE.

2) They begin their standard condemnation of the white race

You point out that they are defending genocide.

I gave you those.

3) Now they use the old race does not exist stuff. And immediately you start tailgating them again, trying to get your racial theory, the one we've spent decades being defeated using, to COUNTER their argument.

COUNTER, dumbos, means going on the defensive.

Meanwhile, you have entirely forgotten what it has taken me twelve years to drum in on points 1) and 2)

What is a person who says race does not exist or race is a social construct saying about WHITE GENOCIDE?

He is saying that genocide is IMPOSSIBLE.

Please, please stop thinking in terms of impressing those dolts.

Please, please, please stop tailgating on every old piece of crap they bring up.

Think in terms of OUR statement. You tailgate on whatever next piece of crap they throw out, so you try to pull out all the old stuff on race. And I come back yet again to see you rear ending the, and destroying your own tiny vehicle.

Attacks on the white race, IN MANTRA TERMS, is simply JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE.

This social construct crap says that genocide is IMPOSSIBLE.

Get off the respectable conservative defensive and get your mind on GENOCIDE.

I near passed out at that convention and White Rabbit had to take care of me.

I am wearing out gang. Some of you have got to be able to think white genocide and drop the DUHH! Chorus.

You have GOT to learn all by yourselves what White Rabbit and Truck Roy have learned to do: Take Mantra Thinking and run with it.

The anti-whites' old crap in Mantra terms saying genocide is impossible.

Please, gang, PLEASE learn this mental discipline.

I spent over a decade in Stormfront and my four thousand articles slowly beginning to get people who could take on the Mantra approach.

I haven't GOT another ten years to spoonfeed it at every step.



If normal human bias is a conspiracy, then I admit to being a conspiracy theorist.

Remember that the entire anti-trust law in America is based on this kind of "conspiracy theory."

My father was in the brick business. If he went to a brick business convention and even MENTIONED the price of brick there, he would be subject to imprisonment under the anti-trust law.

Remember the best friend businessmen ever had, Adam Smith, said that they could not even gather without forming quote, "a conspiracy," unquote, to fix prices. Would any of the people who insist that Hollywood, television networks, actors and producers, Episcopal and other mainline religious seminaries, and all the universities are totally unbiased also say we should get rid of anti-trust laws on business?

But anti-trust law is based 100% and without reservation on a conspiracy theory.


The WorldCom and Corporate scams are bringing forth the usual knee-jerk reactions. Republicans want them to be a "wake up call" for corporations; Democrats want them to be a "wake up call" for legislators.

I explained in my first book, "A Plague on Both Your Houses," 1976, Republicans are the property of the military-industrial establishment and Democrats are the property of the education-welfare establishment. The American people are not represented because they do not demand to be represented.

So every crisis automatically becomes a chance to push the agenda of one establishment or the other. Democrats want more power and spending for the education-welfare establishment, which means expanding government. The ideal situation for liberals is a world in which their professors rule the planet.

Conservatives want corporations to make money, period. When I worked for the Civil Aeronautics Board under the Nixon Administration, the chairman told us, "Our goal is twelve percent return on airline investment, and that is our ONLY goal."

For Democrats, every crisis is an opportunity to expand government power and expenditures. Not long ago, the shooting spree in Colorado was celebrated over and over again by the media. That was when it was to be used to get national gun control. But when they began to find out it was largely the fault of local authorities ignoring CRIMINAL activities by the two boys, the liberal media lost interest in it.

What is going on is very simple. Regulators were set up and they were soon captured by the corporate heads, exactly the same way that the Civil Aeronautics Board quickly became the property of the airlines. Liberals get more government and corporations neutralize it routinely.

What we need is people who are against all this. We need people who send thieves, no matter how rich, to prison. That would stop the corporate fraud. More laws have nothing to do with it. More laws will produce more lawyers - the liberals favorite animal - and corporations will use those laws to make themselves even more invulnerable.

Exactly the same thing happens with regulators as with lawyers. Liberals get their shiny new agencies and corporations buy them up.

If you want to be in government, you must either be a worshipper of uniforms and corporations, in which case you go conservative, or you must see every crisis as an opportunity for more government and more government expenditures. I had to join the right because the left was worse.


When a liberal writes a book about how wonderful somebody is, something smells. Tom Brokaw worships the generation that fought World War II.

Nothing liberals say ever works. If a liberal says it, it is not true.

The World War II generation is the one I was raised with. It built the world I was born into.

Tom Brokaw loves that world.

No one is allowed to contradict Brokaw. First of all, a lot of fine young Americans died in World War II, so any criticism of Roosevelt or Brokaw is Evil and Forbidden.

Please see Whitaker Online for October 18, 2003, History's Hostages.

Secondly, this is very personal. We all have family in that generation, so any criticism of Brokaw or Roosevelt is an insult to everybody's Loved Ones.

A large part of my family was in uniform in World War II.

But a lot of our families were in Korea and Vietnam too. I have noticed that World War II is the only war no one is allowed to criticize.

If you say anything against World War II, you are Evil because so many Americans died in it.

Lots of Americans died in Korea and Vietnam, but you can praise the Peoples' Peace-Loving Democratic Republics all you want to.

Loving Castro is one of the great virtues of our age.

As usual, there is a great coincidence here: the one thing that no decent person is allowed to say just happens to be what liberals don't want said.

That's what you have me for. I don't care what decent people are allowed to say.