During all the talks about "shock jocks" like Howard Stern, people keep saying, "The government shouldn't be in the radio business." They say the government should keep its hands off because radio stations have rights.

Well, what about MY rights? I got my first amateur radio license over fifty years ago.* This gives me the right to use the airways, but I can operate only on amateur radio frequencies.

But I could just turn that old output dial around to a broadcast frequency and I would be a radio station. WhitakerOnline would be WOL, and I could easily broadcast to a population of a million people from right here.

Only one thing prevents WOL from going on the air today. That one thing is the fact that I would be arrested. Howard Stern would approve of my arrest. All the Free Speech advocates would cheer as I headed off to jail.

Commercial radio stations make billions of dollars each year using the broadcast frequencies. The government protects them by jailing anyone like me who tries to use those frequencies. Commercial radio owns them, courtesy of the government..

Isn't that government intrusion into the radio industry? I've never heard anyone complain about THAT.

Radio stations don't want the government to stay out of their business. They just want all the rights and none of the responsibilities.

* My call sign was K4ACV. Only another ham radio operator will realize how OLD a call sign like that is.


One of the predictions we evil segregationists used to make about integrated schools was that they would lead to violence. This did not take a great deal of prescience, since the District Of Columbia schools had been integrated by Eisenhower in 1954 and they were already well on their way to being all black the next year.

As I pointed out in "We All Live in Soweto Now," it is not that all the disasters we predicted with integration did not take place. They all took place, but we accept them now as routine. Respectable conservatives would be the first to shriek for the lynching of anybody who dared remind liberals that every disaster we predicted with integration has taken place.

Likewise, when the FBI gave its report on its "study" of school violence, they said the problem was not forcing naturally hostile groups together. The kids just have to be manipulated to accept the whole disaster without resentment.

The FBI also wants school authorities to check children's "access to guns," which is a liberal code term. Actually, the interest is not in "access," but in discouraging people from owning guns. Schools have already begun to ask children about whether their parents have a gun, and this will help make teachers into BATF watchdogs.

As I pointed out before, Professor Lott has pointed out that in one instance in Mississippi, school violence was ended by a teacher who went and got his own gun and faced down the shooter. Several people were killed because Federal law requires that a person -- meaning only law-abiding people, of course -- keep no gun within a thousand feet of a school, so the teacher had to take precious time to run and get his gun from that distance.

Oddly enough, this Federal law did not keep the shooter from bringing HIS gun into the school. It did, however, force the teacher to run at least four blocks to get his weapon. This teacher's facing down the attacker was an act of true heroism, but, as Professor Lott pointed out, the press carefully avoided discussing it.

Did the FBI "study" discuss this insane law's effect?

What do you think?

Another cause of school violence, says the FBI, is a lack of enforcement of Political Correctness. Teachers don't need guns to fight guns, but they do need to police humor. "Inappropriate humor," the FBI says, is a danger sign.

Let's see, gun control, Political Correctness, the presence of whites in schools, what else could the FBI come up with to make the Powers That Be happy?

Oh, yes, more money for professional help. Social experts, those people who have enforced the theories that have made our public schools such runaway successes over the last couple of generations, need more money to deal with school violence. Doubtless they will do just as good a job with that as they have with everything else.

The FBI, like the military, tends to be worshipped by conservatives. So this report won't be criticized by them. As for those of us in the sane minority, we cannot take anyone seriously whose reports come straight out the PC Codebook.


One of the great contrasts of history is the South's taking back over after Reconstruction and the total collapse of Afrikaners in South Africa.

I think the reason for this is that Afrikaners forgot who they were. They put the power of their faith at the complete disposal of the National Party and the Reformed Church.

Their whole idea of die volk was subordinated to die Kerk and the Party leadership.

And this is the mortal danger of Wordism. You can USE a book for your ends, but that book eventually BECOMES your end.

The South has ceased to be the South and has become the Bible Belt. You let them have their prayers in school and ban abortion and they'll import the entire third world.

Everything I read from Jesus tells me that he was wanring precisely against this approach to religion. If Jesus thought that reading your Bible was the key to salvation, he would have said so.

And he would have become a priest of the Temple where such people belonged.

But Wordism is a disease that rots Christianity and every other faith. It seems to me that every single thing that Jesus specifically condemned has become the fundamental doctrine of some major church denomination.

You can go to Hell right through the church door. In fact, as the Demon Screwtape said about those who become fixed to some denominational obsession, "It not only gets them here, it makes them more entertaining when they arrive."

When I denounce the Wordism that infects a church, I am naturally accused of attacking religion. In fact, that same thing happened to real prophets.

It happened to Jesus. Christianity degenerates into self-hatred. Judaism falls to nothing but self-pity.

And I have discovered in these pages that Christianity got its desperation for self-torture and genetic sterility from the degenerate Wordist phase of yet another old religion, Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism was over twelve centuries old when Christ was born.

Zoroastrianism was restricted to Aryans, ie, Iranians. If you look at Zoroastrianist web pages you will see that most of them keep insisting that Zoroastrianism is now open to anyone.

This is especially ironic since the last ruler of Persia who was Zoroastrian was also a mulatto.

In its degenerate phase, Zoroastrianism forgot all about what it had originally meant. It became a sickness that has cost us dearly through Mani, who synthesized the rotting Zoroastrianism with Christianity just before the rise of Islam.

Any form of Wordism is going to bring new members into the tribe just because they can recite its creed.

They come in as temporary allies but they stay as citizens. Wordism eats the volk.

Wordism might be useful. But if you let it slip in your fingers, it is fatal.


Newsmen keep asking people about something in this year's election that puzzles them. Why, they say, is Gore having problems when the economy is in such great shape?

There is indeed a general rule that the party in the White House should have an automatic win when the economy is in good shape. Nobody claims that the party in power need prove it is responsible for the economy being in good shape. Everybody agrees it is usually largely a matter of luck. Nonetheless, the party in power is expected to benefit from it.

So the wide-eyed newsmen ask how it is possible that Gore should have a problem when Clinton has experienced eight years of boom. Conservatives share their puzzlement. Everybody is respectable, wide-eyed, and says "DUH!" in unison.

Apparently I was all alone as I watched the enormous embarrassment of the Clinton Administration in the Lewinsky affair and the cover up. Now, the media was unanimous in agreeing that Clinton shouldn't be impeached, but nobody outside of Geraldo Rivera said that what Clinton did was OK. Even the media admit it was a gigantic scandal.

At any other time in American history, that scandal would have meant total defeat for the party in the White House in the next election.

As I explained on May 22, 1999 in KINKY SEX, the reason we are in an economic boom is so obvious that it takes the combined efforts of the media and respectable conservatives to ignore it. The reason for the present boom would be a major embarrassment for the political left, so the respectable right will never discuss it.

So Clinton had nothing to do with the continuing boom. But that is not necessary for him to get credit for it. Regardless of the reason for it, the Administration normally gets credit for it if the economy is good, and Gore will share in that. It isn't fair, but it is the reality.

Likewise, the scandal which I spent a year watching on television -- all by myself, apparently -- was also not Gore's fault. But the fact is that when you are the heir apparent, you take both the good and the bad of your predecessor. Gore gets a boom, and Gore gets a scandal, neither of which he earned.

This explains another Major Media Mystery.

At the time of the Republican Convention, when Bush had a huge lead, there was no gender gap for the first time in decades. I saw a number of liberal women interviewed who said that they were infuriated by what Clinton had done and were seriously considering voting Republican because of it.

Naturally the media said Bush's lead was all due to his Mexican Convention and his mealy-mouthing on issues. But his "moderation" and his "appealing to the minority vote" doesn't explain anything about the temporary disappearance of the gender gap, which is what really put him in front for a while by double digits. So let us explain all these Major Media Mysteries at once: women were upset at Clinton's behavior and blamed Gore.

For the same reason that Gore gets credit for a boom he doesn't deserve, he gets blame as the heir apparent to Clinton for Clinton's misdeeds.