Robert Whitaker Was Born In 1941 And Reared In South Carolina, Went To The University Of South Carolina And The University Of Virginia Graduate School. He Has Been A College Professor, International Aviation Negotiator, Capitol Hill Senior Staffer, Reagan Administration Appointee, And Writer For The Voice Of America. He Has Written Numerous Articles And Three Books In His Own Name. Robert Resides Now In Columbia, SC.

Robert entered the university of South Carolina at age sixteen and was a Political Science instructor at the age of nineteen. He then received a scholarship to study for a PhD in economics at the University of Virginia. Two of his eight graduate instructors there later won Nobel Prizes in Economics.

Both future Nobel Laureates left the University of Virginia while Robert was there. Robert's second reader for his dissertation, James Buchanan, was "forced to leave" when a new dean took over who had vowed to "clean out that nest of right-wingers in the Economics Department."

Robert was a professor of economics but was unable to complete his PhD because his field of specialization, Public Choice (the field in which the two graduate professors later won Nobel Prizes) was disliked after the faculty had been purged.

Robert then became involved in political activism and intelligence work.

Robert worked with William Rusher, publisher of National review, in turning the so-called "Wallace Democrats" into "Reagan Democrats." This was a move that respectable conservatives opposed vigorously. Robert's 1976 book, A Plague on Both Your Houses, attacking both the liberal establishment and the watered-down Republican opposition, was a milestone in this campaign.

Robert worked on Capitol Hill from 1977 to 1982. During that period, two of his most personally gratifying accomplishments enjoyed today by all of us were saving the Hubble Telescopes and preventing the Internal Revenue Service from imposing racial quotas on private schools.

Despite his criticism of Ronald Reagan in A Plague on Both Your Houses, Robert was a Reagan appointee in charge of all civilian security clearances and federal staffing.

In 1982 Robert conceived and produced an anthology for St. Martin's Press, The New Right Papers. It explained the strategy that led to Reagan's 1980 victory by the people, including Robert himself, who made it a reality while conservatives dithered.

Robert left official Federal service in 1985. His third book, Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood goes into much more than just academia.


In 1960s every pencil necked hippie told me that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had him under constant surveillance.

Right-wingers tell me that the CIA knows all.

Every country in the world thinks the CIA is behind everything that happens, including thunderstorms. Everything that happens is a result some operation by the geniuses who run this superefficient, tightly-coordinated organization. Everything is a "CIA operation."

If you ever saw a real "CIA operation" all your illusions would disappear.

The CIA is a Top Secret organization. Every bureaucracy bungles. But Top Secret is a license to bungle. Every group of bureaucrats will use any excuse to cover up the fact that they have no idea what they are doing. With Top Secret, they don't have to look for an excuse. They just look Wise and Secretive and everybody goes away.

I'll let you in on a little secret: for every one time Top Secret keeps anybody from knowing something they ought not to know, there are a hundred times when it lets bumblers, toadies and incompetents climb up the ladder to the top.

You may think I am telling you that "top security experts" are a bunch of complete morons. If so, you understand the point I am making.


Our entire concept of war comes from the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation. They were tossed into a conflict smarter people had long since predetermined, and as kids they didn't actually get caught running away when the guns went off. That is, the third of them who ever HEARD a hostile shot fired.

They have therefore spent sixty years marveling at their own bravery. They're in love with themselves to an extent that one can honestly say that a whole generation of Americans has spent sixty years in masturbation mode. And THAT, boys and girls, is where we get the idea of what WAR is. So it seemed odd that I said below that whites lose large numbers to miscegenation, as happens in any all-out war.

Clausewitz said that diplomacy was war by other means. He was a military man, so he looked at shooting war as the basic. Actually World War II was decided by people in coats and ties long before the first Greatest Generation type ever put on the costume he touches himself over. By the time he got to the point he worships, the WAR was already decided.

WAR is the life-and-death struggle. It doesn't matter HOW you are destroyed. The fact that blacks feel their inferiority to an incurable extent is seen in how they demand black guys get blond girls. That is their bottom-line demand. That is the Jews' bottom-line demand. That is what integration was all about. WAR has nothing to do with costumes or gunfire. Even in the case of the costumes and rifles, war is seldom a matter of racial survival, in any sense of that term.

Get off the gunfire crap. We are in a far more serious war than any of those that were declared throughout history.


Willis said Kelso was "an agent."

In Communist Russia, any opposition was called "fascist."

In Fascist Italy any opposition was called "Communist."

In Politically Correct America, all opposition is crushed as "HATE!"

In our movement, anyone one does not like is called "an agent."

What strikes me as particularly funny is that, of all the people who use that word so much, I am the only one who actually WAS an "agent." Which is what makes the whole thing so hilarious to me.

For years at every clearance I had to explain once again that I was part and parcel of the pro-white movement and made no bones about it. In fact, their problem was that I might be an agent FOR US.

I never betrayed any of them and I never backed down from my total devotion to the pro-whites. The Feds needed me against the Communists. That's what I did.

So when I hear this "agent" crap, I get this picture in my mind. A top operative walks into the office of the FBI and says, "We are going to send this AGENT to pay $150 to attend this Free Press Conference."

The Director of the FBI then replies, "Brilliant! Now we will find out what is going on there!"

Actually, the operative who made the proposal would be put on psychiatric leave.

There is absolutely nothing in our movement today that a reasonably competent detective agency couldn't long since have found out.

I told Willis, "If Kelso is an agent of the enemy, it's the best thing the enemy could have done for us."

Apparently, as Shari guessed, all this apparently came from an incident where Kelso did make an enemy of a psychopath a year or two ago. This psychopath poisoned the minds of older leaders against Kelso.

Now THAT is the kind of work an ADL or government real agent might do. But why should they bother?

I never tell ANYBODY anything "an agent" could use. My problem is things OUR people DISTORT. My problem is the people who smile at you and praise you to your face and then tell each other how bad you are.

My problem is that Carto will hear that I called him a psychopath in an article dedicated to the proposition that I am very much like him and that we are NOT psychopaths.

Our problem is nasty little people doing nasty little things. And the code word for this is "an agent." No discussion is required as to WHOSE agent and WHAT they are there for.

Or any evidence except "five or six people," unnamed.

The enemy's best friends are already in our movement. Our worst enemies inside the movement have no contact with the enemy. In fact, it would be a ridiculous waste of resources for the enemy to pay someone to do what we do for them free charge.