THE PC TITHE | 2002-08-10

Like all established religions, Political Correctness cannot be accused of changing its doctrine. If a conservative points out that PC doctrine was wrong he will cease to be respectable and the media will ruin him.

Also, like any other established religion, Political Correctness has a tithe everybody must pay. So when the Red Cross and the United Way got money for the victims of September 11 they started financing PC programs with it. The one I remember was an anti-hate workshop put on by professional "anti-haters," i.e., priests of Political Correctness (who are among the world's best real haters when it comes to people like Maurice).

When the entertainment industry pays its tithe to the left it is called a "social message." You have to give a certain proportion of any movie to racial balance, interracial sex, making fun of Christians, and showing how cowardly white gentiles are.

O'Reilly did attack the charities for not giving money to the victims of 9-11. But if he had mentioned that it was routine for them to give at least a tithe of contributors' money to liberal causes, he would have been a real hero.

But,once again, you will only see that mentioned here.


I get unfriendly mail from READERS of

As long as you are a READER, bring it on. I love it.

We are having a ball on my blog. Every day I look forward to reading the READER comments there. They are GOOD. And believe me, not all of them agree with what I say.

It is such a relief to slug it out with someone I respect.

Every time I get into a battle with somebody on my blog or on Stormfront, there is one thing I never forget for a moment. The person I am battling with is someone who matters.

Many times I have refused to back down in a discussion on the subject of race while a roomful of people were screaming at me. Blacks and liberals were yelling and most of the respectable conservatives in the room were trying to shout even louder to prove they were even more anti-racist (anti-white) than the liberals and, therefore, truly Respectable.

The rest of the respectable conservatives were silently showing the cowardice that is the true sign of respectability.

When I am arguing with someone on the blog or on Stormfront, I keep in mind how relieved I would have been if one of you were to walk through the door while I was being viciously attacked from all sides.

You would NOT have kept your mouth shut. And when a person is fighting it out all alone, as I have had to do so many times, one person on my side would have made all the difference.

So taking criticisms or even attacks from you is no problem at all for that reason.

There is another reason I don't mind taking it from you.

You're worth it.

One of the great pains of political life is that you have to sit there and take it from people who are definitely NOT worth it. They are what I call "the little people."

Consider that roomful of shrieking morons. Here you have the white liberals, repeating what their professors and the other clowns told them. They think they thought of what they're saying, but every one of them says the same things in the same words.

It reminds me of an old priest who just heard his fifty thousandth confession. I am sure he is thinking to himself, "This is an awful thing to say, but I would give anything if somebody would come up with just ONE NEW SIN."

And then there are the respectable conservatives I have spent all these years having to work with. How LITTLE can you get? Their every word is predictable. They point to real problems, and then they give the same old answer that will pass liberal inspection.

And the screaming blacks! A black man I correspond with had the same lament I do. When you are watching some black "spokesman" talk, you can see that his frontal lobe has been turned off. It's like he's hypnotized. His eyes go blank and his mouth rattles off the same old crap, without pausing for a breath.

For me that guy is just one more of the Little People. But if you ARE black and you have a brain and ideas of your own, it must be torture watching those black-skinned mental midgets rattle on mindlessly.

It's even worse because those "black spokesmen" get what I call a Monkey Pass. The whites there assume that blacks have nothing to say, and that no matter how stupid what they say is, it is racist to confront them the way you would a white man.

It always used to be said that racists looked upon blacks as monkeys. Nobody treats a "black spokesman" as much like a talking monkey as a liberal or a respectable conservative moderator does.

And the black man with a brain has to take that, and he knows there is no way on earth he can object to it. For me, the Little People are a major irritation. For him, HIS Little People must cause him to wake up at night in a cold sweat.

So I have no problem taking it from you.


O'Reilly is upset that a Moslem FBI agent refused to wear a wire when meeting with Arabs suspected of terrorism. "A Moslem," said the FBI agent, "does not record other Moslems."

So what's the problem?

When O'Reilly asked John McCain whether Mexican-Americans should vote on immigration policy in the interests of other Americans, McCain said flatly that Hispanic Americans owed their loyalty to "Hispanic culture." O'Reilly did not say a word.


So why should anybody be upset at the Moslem who is following McCain's rules?

No one faults a Jew for demanding that Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard be released. Alan Dershowitz demands Pollard's release and is constantly warning that America is out to get the Jews. Geraldo Riviera states that he would give his life for Israel. Evangelical Christian leaders keep telling us that America is nice, but God is only interested in Israel.

AS SERIOUS AS... | 2001-12-07

I had a heart attack this week, but don't worry (or in some cases, don't get your hopes up). I am healthy as a horse and almost as smart.

For over a decade I have done heavy workouts and kept my weight down. Just a few weeks ago I had a complete physical and, as usual, the doctor complimented me on what amazingly good shape I'm in, especially my blood pressure and cholesterol level.

I have family history of heart trouble. But when I got really awful pain in my left arm during my heavy hour-long exercise session, I went right on. I thought it must just be arthritis or something, because it couldn't be my heart, not with my excellent tests and my excellent health regimen.

So first of all there is a personal lesson here. Keep your family medical history in mind. They can't tell whether you are having this inherited blockage that I had without actually putting the catheter into your heart to find out.

By the way, this catheterization procedure is a completely painless procedure with the drugs they give you.