JUST BECAUSE | 2005-01-15

When little children are asked why they did something, they will often answer, "Just because." No adult would take that for a serious answer.

When the left demanded "equality" and "civil rights" in the name of Martin Luther King, they didn't have to give a serious reason. They said, "Just because!"

Booker T. Washington said that Blacks should improve themselves and work to become so valuable to Whites that they would become indispensable. Martin Luther King said, "Just because!"

The apostle Paul taught the early Christians that they should lead lives of such good example that they would be accepted by those around them. Martin Luther King said, "Just because!"

Conservatives are constantly whining, "Why are they promoting queer marriage? Why won't Bush stop this massive immigration?"

I tell them to go ask a three-year-old.


It is true that no white man ever made an African a slave. Every single black man sold to whites in Africa was already a slave. Whites bought them from blacks. It is true that no one cares about the blacks who sold blacks. There is no guilt there, and for an excellent reason.

It is true that for every Jew killed by Hitler during World War II, Stalin killed several Russian peasants IN PEACETIME. But the Russians who helped slaughter Russian workers by the tens of millions live on pensions today, while Nazis are hunted down. There is no guilt whatsoever connected with Communist oppression, and for a very good reason.

It is true that the ancestors of today's American Indians drove earlier American Indians off their land. Indians moving into America across the land bridge from Asia came down and drove earlier settlers of North America before them. Later waves drove these immigrants south in turn, and they pushed the earlier inhabitants steadily southward. Wave after wave of Indians were driven into the Central American jungles, into the high Andes, into the frozen hell of Tierra del Fuego.

But only when the white man came and drove the latest wave of Indians off of THEIR land did it become a Great Crime. Only whites have ever been found guilty of driving anybody off their land. Driving others off of land you need is part of history. So whites alone are held to be GUILTY of it, and for a very good reason.

We all know what The Very Good Reason is. Blacks in Africa, descendants of those who sold slaves to whites, have no money. There is no money in holding African blacks responsible for their ancestors' enslavement of today's American blacks. But there is plenty of money in WHITE guilt.

Russia is absolutely, stony broke. There is not a dime to be made out of Russian Communist guilt over killing tens of millions of peasants and workers. There is no money in dead Russian peasants.

Germany is very, very rich. There are many billions of dollars to be made from German guilt.

And Western white gentiles in general hunger for guilt the way a baby hungers for its mother's milk. The charge of being naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews has opened the pocketbooks of American taxpayers for any scheme liberals can dream up. Guilt has provided an ocean of wealth that still streams into Israel.

Russian peasants were more numerous, but they are not considered human, because there's no money in them.

The Indians who drove earlier Indians out of America are collecting endless tributes from whites. Hundreds of sobbing movies have been made about how the Evil White Man drove the Noble and Loving Native American off of the land which, we insist, was always his. The unique right to have casinos on Indian land is but the latest installment of this unending guilt payment.

Why doesn't anyone mention the descendants of the Indians OUR Indians drove south? Down in Tierra del Fuego are the descendants of Indians who were driven out of America millennia before the white man got here. They are cold, they are hungry, and they are forgotten. Why does no one ask today's American Indians about them?

Because if you brought that up to today's Indian, he would laugh in your face. Why should he feel guilty for taking land from people who were already here? It is what all men have always done, and to feel guilty about it would be ridiculous. White Christians, with their perversion of Christianity, love guilt. They absolutely wallow in it. So, say the Indians, the blacks, and all the rest, let them wallow. Let them pay and pay and pay and pay.

Another American perversion of Christianity says this: our ancestors came to America, so we must let anybody from anywhere settle here. You see, "America is a nation of immigrants." There's money in that phrase. Immigrants mean 1) cheaper labor for big business and 2) votes for liberals. So liberals back it all the way, and "Christian" conservatives squeeze every dime out of it they can.*

All in the name of Universal Love, of course. What's a little blasphemy if the price is right?

Anyone who actually knows any history knows that every country on earth is a nation of immigrants. All nations were created by immigration, and all nations are eventually destroyed by immigration.

Working together, liberals and "Christian" conservatives have turned our Christian tradition into nothing more than a giant, growing cancer of pure guilt. It pays for every non-white group to push some guilt for their purposes. It is destroying us.

Blacks glory in their blackness, at least publicly. Jews have nothing but good things to say about the Jewish people and the Jewish tradition. For white gentiles, the one great virtue is self-hatred. "Christian" conservatives consider it evil to be concerned about the fact that the white race is being crowded out of existence. Both immigration and integration are DEMANDED in ALL white majority countries. Further, immigration and integration are demanded ONLY in white majority countries.

Jamaica or Japan can take in immigrants if they want to, but if they cut off immigration tomorrow, no one would object. But if Australia or France cut off immigration, "Christian" conservatives will join with liberals in screaming bloody murder. "Christian" conservatives are now taking the lead in pushing international interracial adoptions in areas where immigration is not doing the job fast enough.

In the long run, I believe the "Christian" conservatives will be proud to say that they did more to do away with the white race than liberals did. After all, they start with the advantage of being trusted by conservative whites, which liberals do not have. For "Christian" conservatives, this trust is money in the bank.

Meanwhile, black churches and synagogues are openly and uncompromisingly in favor of the well being and continuity their own people.

After all, what kind of sicko wouldn't be?

*The payoff is not always in money. When Ralph Reed stabbed Pat Buchanan in the back for George Bush, he was after power, not money. Another payoff might be the one many a "Christian" conservative would sell his mother for: liberals won't call him a "racist" or "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews."


Culture is usually a canard. Some will talk about culture when they are frightened of the little word "race."

People - the race - are always more important than culture. People create culture. The culture has worth in as much as it fosters people.

Since culture is both creature and servant of the race, then the race is always the most important.

But most people here and now talk about culture as a way to run away from "race."

Comment by Pain


Thank God - ANOTHER expansion on OUR way of thinking!

But most people here and now talk about culture as a way to run away from "race."

EXACTLY! We all KNOW that, but we never SAY that.

The leftists always use the two steps forward, one step back policy.

It always works. A person who has a Confederate flag on his car with "Heritage Not Hate" does not realize he have helped our enemies make a major step forward:

1) They condemn all Confederate symbols because they represent Racism.

2) Confederate flag people respond by denouncing any concern about the ongoing genocide of the white race as" Racism" and Hate and say THEIR symbol has nothing to do with that.

3) So the antis just got a major step forward, everybody now agrees any concern over the white race is to be denounced by everybody who loves our Heritage.

We just saw another example of this. The media went for Cinco de Mayo big time just at the moment it obscured the REAL founding of America exactly four hundred years ago.

Nobody on our side has noticed YET.

Yes, Peter, you hit the nail on the head: "Save our Culture" like "Heritage not Hate" is the language of chicken-out. It's says everything is culturing, not genes. Which happens to be a major plank in the anti platform.


If you think it is easy to play the Naive Irishman or Southerner in a murderous environment like the world's greatest center of power in Washington, look at how easily professionals make fools of themselves in public. Look at how enormously costly television ads portray Youth, for instance.

In one huge national real estate ad, the Young People is a young white man of around eighteen. When he talks, he moves his hands like a rap singer. They portray Youth by having a white kid be black.

In the real world, everybody knows that any white kid who tries to be black is a laughable loser.

The guy on the computer ads is the only one who managed to be white youth. He acts very young but without a trace of black. He was a huge success.

If you try to be Dumb Irishman, in DC, you had better be very, very, VERY good at it. Getting caught in an act like that makes you, at best, a laughing stock, and at worst, you are exposed as shallow trickster and you are out, out, out. And that's just on Capitol Hill.

Try it in the Oval Office and you had better be damned good.

Reagan was damned good.

He started with the liberal idea that they are smart. There is nothing dumber than a dumb man who thinks he's smart. But there is also nothing nastier than a dumb man who sees that he is being made fun of.

So Reagan threw the sitting Democratic president out of office in 1980 and took the Senate away from them for the first time in a quarter century. And the liberals told each other how dumb Reagan was. He destroyed the Soviet Empire and lowered taxes, and liberal comedians made fun of him on liberal-run networks.

Reagan knew more about real history and practical international affairs than any five Harvard professors combined. But he just sat there and listened while people who wanted to be big-time advisors made complete asses of themselves saying things he knew weren't true or were hopelessly muddled.

He picked people who were not fools. So liberals said, "Reagan is dumb. He just has smart advisors."

So Washington's Village Idiot just sat there in the White House and laughed.