Leftists have gone virtually unchallenged for forty years. They have mercilessly attacked whites, Christians, Southerners, and anyone else who was in their way. This attack has been openly promoted and encouraged by the major media, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party, and with the silent acquiescence of the Republican Party and respectable conservatives.

This is not news. Every American with half a brain knows it. Even Europeans know this, whether or not they will admit it. Every one on earth that matters knows it.

Guess what gang - "Everyone on earth" includes the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks.

Do you think that outsiders watching the left tear at the heart and soul of America, the white Christian majority that founded the country and keeps it running, don't see the opportunities this leftist assault presents them?

Any cop can tell you that muggers can spot a victim a block away. They will tell you that a criminal can sense a victim the same way that a horse can sense fear in a rider.

Does it take a CIA agent to tell you that people sharp enough to pull off the 9/11 attacks can sense these things as well?

Do you think that when a liberal makes another standard "hate whitey" appeal and has respectable conservatives climbing on top of each other to talk about what a patriotic, well meaning American he is, that others may get a different message?

Do you think that intelligence agents don't know who signs their checks? That when the liberals and respectable conservatives who pay their salaries rail endlessly about "evil whitey", that these agencies don't know they can score brownie points by telling scary stories about "religious nuts" in Waco, Texas, or "dangerous white separatists" in the middle nowhere in Idaho?

Since these threats are made up to appease liberal fantasies and avoid real work, it looks like these agencies are doing their jobs. Look how safe we have been kept from white American Christians!

9/11 caught these agencies with their pants down. No one seemed to think about what might be going on in the real world. Political Correctness does have its consequences. But don't expect to hear about them from a respectable conservative. "We don't want to play the blame game."

Only Ole Bob will play the blame game.