Republicans are so pathetic. When liberals attack them they only know how to whine about how that they are not whatever it is the left has decided to call them, which is usually some kind of naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

After the whine, conservatives say that whatever it is the liberals are for, they are even more for it.

Liberals accuse Republicans of being against changing the population of America by massive immigration. Conservatives respond that they want to change the American population by massive immigration. Conservatives tell liberals that their "conservative" capitalist approach will use greed to bring in and integrate more waves of third worlders than the liberal programs will.

With all their money and media access, Republicans simply cannot truly oppose liberals. Even when liberal criticism is pure hypocrisy, respectable conservatives cannot look liberals in the eye and call them on it.

That is why they are labeled "respectable" by the media. "Respectable" means "harmless to the long-term liberal agenda".

For decades liberals declared that "so-called criminals" were actually just people oppressed by Society. As the 1964 leftist film starring Anthony Perkins put it in the title, "We are All Guilty." Self-hate is the basis of all leftism.

As liberals took over America in the 1960s crime went through the roof. One of the things that caused a nationwide reaction against the left was their love of criminals. Leftists said if you treat felons nicely they won't commit crime.

Coddling criminals was a disaster. No idea that is fashionable with the left ever WORKS.

Even so, Republicans did not want to make a big thing of crime because liberals said that the crime issue was just a front for racism. Everybody knows how high the black crime rate is, so to mention crime was what we now call profiling and they used to call racism. Either way it means anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

In the early 1970s a group of leftist women featuring Bella Abzug called together their pet media and announced that they were the Women's Movement. So everybody left and right said that women's rights were now represented by this solidly leftist "Women's Movement."

One of the main things this Women's Movement was screaming about was the enormous increase in the number of rapes in the 1960s. Every woman standing there was a lifelong liberal. Every woman standing there, until the moment they announced the Women's' Movement, had been a best friend to rapists and other felons.

Until that moment these women had called rapists victims of society, and they had pushed Eldridge Cleaver's book that encouraged blacks to rape white women as a legitimate expression of black rage.

No conservative ever mentioned any of this. They went into their usual fetal position and whined they were not really against women the way the Women's Movement claimed they were. They said they were more for whatever the left was for than the left was.

The fact that until the day they became leaders of the Women's' Movement its leaders had been on the side of the rapists was never mentioned by a single respectable conservative.

It still hasn't.