ABOUT DAVID DUKE | 1999-01-16

The State newspaper just had a perfect piece of straight McCarthyism on its editorial page.

Yes, believe it or not, it was even worse than usual.

This editorial said that some members of the Council of Conservative Citizens were at David Duke's announcement of his candidacy. They then stated that every member of this organization is now discredited. They then listed the issues on which the CCC differed from The State, implying that anyone who differed with Political Correctness on these issues was tainted with Duke's earlier Nazism.

Respectable conservative reaction was the same as it always is. They went to pieces, and are crawling on the floor, begging forgiveness. If Duke had been a Communist, nobody would have said a word. The left doesn't crawl. That is one reason it stays in power.

If Duke had been a leftist, and some liberal group had endorsed him, no respectable conservative would DARE declare that they were ALL thereby discredited. Congressman Barr might respectfully suggest that, on this particular issue, some of the members -- not the majority, who were good, loyal Americans, but a small minority -- had taken an incorrect step.

But if you commit heresy on the right, you're forever discredited. And your little dog, too.

When I worked on Capitol Hill, I loved to tell people why it was so nice to work for Congressman John Ashbrook

"When I go to a party and say I work for Ashbrook, every one of the right people goes rigid."

All the leftists go rigid when David Duke is mentioned.

They used to go rigid when Pat Buchanan was mentioned, and that gave us a real alternative. But Pat has now devoted himself full time to being the Personal Representative of God Almighty, and does not bother himself with our mere earthly concerns any more.

The left's attitude toward Buchanan is now quite simple: he is a harmless religious nutcase. So they let him rave on.

Now the only real alternative the system offers to the melting pot is David Duke. The only person the system gives us who openly worries about the fate of my race is David Duke.

So if the system offers us no other alternative but Duke, we are supposed to roll over and die, right?

Back when the "peace loving" Nehru was neutral between Communists and the West, liberals said, "That's all right, what choice does he have?"

Likewise, when civil rights leaders had advisors with lots of Communist ties, liberals said, "That's all right, what choice do they have?"

In other words, the left demands that a person be allowed to commit heresy ON THE LEFT until such time as the system gives him a legitimate ALTERNATIVE.

Duke is the ONLY person in public life today who repudiates the melting pot openly. Many of us who are not in public life repudiate the melting pot openly. We want to be represented.

The system is giving me no choice but Duke if I want to repudiate the melting pot.

But if you are not Politically Correct, the system is under no obligation to give you any choice at all. It merely condemns those who accept the only choice it offers them.

So we must either continue to crawl, or demand a choice. We must tell them that, until we are offered a choice, we are perfectly free to choose heresy.

Please notice that Duke scares the hell out of the establishment. If he is so far out of the mainstream, why should his being in the legitimate political arena frighten the establishment so much?

It is not because Duke might win. It is because, if enough people vote for him, the establishment will have to provide us with an alternative to what THEY want.

So where do we go from here?

We can let the liberals and respectable conservatives get away with this McCarthyite push. Or we can exercise our rights as Americans. We can demand that they adopt that "big tent" they are always talking about, and offer some SERIOUS alternatives.

But as long as the Southern Crawlers and respectable conservatives are the only opposition, they will not need to offer us a damned thing.