Is it any coincidence that while there are fewer and fewer "grownups" around, the "adult entertainment" industry is booming? Before blacks became firmly in charge of city governments in places like Atlanta, local officials made attempts to keep "adult entertainment" places under control. Now they are everywhere, even in small country towns. As one of the featured characters in the documentary American Pimp explained, "When the brothers run the show, anything goes!"

Of course, grownups have always associated what is called "adult entertainment" with the lowest elements of society. They also knew what would happen, which is why they didn't want the "brothers running the show." Now it is becoming a criminal offense to bring this up.

As Western governments have become completely promiscuous in their duties, letting third world immigration run unchecked and turning once prosperous and safe areas into blighted hellholes, it is not suprising that "adult entertainment" has become mainstream.

Real love requires loyalty, commitment, sacrifice, and moral courage. Real leadership requires the same. "Adult entertainment" is a cheap substitute for love. Western governments are a cheap substitute for leadership.

Real love occurs between a real man and a real woman who are commited to each other and to the offspring of that union, for generations to come. "Adult entertainment" involves cheap and phony substitutes for one's selfish indulgence, without regarding the consequences to anyone else.

Real men want real women. Devotees of "adult entertainment" want blowup dolls.

Now do you understand what makes respectable conservatives "respectable?"