In his Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln declared America a Wordist country. He said that America was "dedicated to the PROPOSITION that all men are created equal." That is where National Review got the word "propositional state." National Review worships Lincoln. Their only problem with him was that he was not a Catholic.

Communists love Lincoln, too. Like National Review, they believe the only problem with Lincoln was that he believed in the True Proposition, the True Wordism.

During the Spanish Civil War a group of American Communists formed the Lincoln Brigade to fight on the side of the Glorious Soviet Union against the Hitler-supported Franco regime. They became American heroes when the United States fought on the side of our Glorious Hero and the Organizer of Victory Joseph Stalin against Hitler in 1941.

The Lincoln Brigade was a bunch of patriots because they believed in the words of Lenin and Marx.

But one thing National Review and Communists agree on absolutely is that American citizenship has nothing to do with who you are or where you were born. If a Mexican believes the right words, the right proposition, he has more right to be here than you do.

That is the proposition you agree to when you recite the Gettysburg Address. That is the proposition you agree when you declare the Declaration of Independence to be America's founding document. That is the proposition you agree to when you say, "a nation of immigrants."