I would arm every honest American. Let's try the Kennesaw approach, at least on a pilot basis, and see if our crime rate doesn't drop like a rock. Let's at least stop telling everyone to grovel at the criminals' feet. Let's at least MENTION the alternative.

Liberals want us to believe that physical courage only comes in a government-issue uniform.

Meanwhile, back here in the real world, the gun-hating Englishmen have a crime rate far higher than ours. You are six times as likely to be mugged in London as you are in NEW YORK CITY!!

In England, almost half of the burglars don't even bother to wait until the family leaves the house. They just go right in and take what they want and terrorize the family and show the children how helpless their father is.

The Brits call that "civilized." It is the sort of perfect helplessness and obedience liberals would LOVE to see here.

During World War 2, when the Authorities needed the Brits to be brave to fight the right-wing Axis Powers, the Brits were brave. But in defending their own homes against thugs, they are the kind of abject, crawling cowards liberals consider ideal.

In other words, the Brits' problem is that they can only be brave when their rulers TELL them to be. They will stand up for Equality, but not for themselves or their families.

The Brits have no MORAL courage at all.

Americans have a similar problem, though we are not as hopelessly far gone as the poor little Brits. Over ninety percent of our burglars at least wait until the family is gone. And it's not out of courtesy.

But if we don't show some MORAL courage, our physical bravery will eventually end up the way it did in Britain -- gone.