ANOTHER EXAMPLE | 2002-01-26

Some years back a couple with one child found that the child had a fatal disease. They had to have a transplant from a sibling. So they conceived a child to give a kidney to that child, since the child could live well with only one of her own.

Pulpits exploded coast-to-coast. This was Evil. Children should be conceived in the stinking alleys of the third world whenever those people feel like it, but it was Evil for a child to be brought into the world to save another.

The parents received thousands of hostile letters and a number of death threats.

But now nobody claims "credit" for all that terrorizing. The two children have been alive and well for some time. Just like the preachers who fought vaccination in 1800, no one will now claim "credit" for what they said then.

Don't preach to me about the biological revolution unless you also take responsibility for the population revolution science is producing. And please address the examples I give.

Could you sit there, look the parents in the eye and say the kid just has to die?

No decent person could. But I know that no one is going to deal with these questions. People who quote convenient parts of the Bible to say that God protects them from moral choices have no moral courage.