A WOL reader reminded me that the Iraqis look upon us as occupying their country.

He compared Iraq to the situation in the movie, "Red Dawn" when the Soviets were occupying America

I watched "Red Dawn.". It was Patrick Swayze's first public exposure.

I was very upset that, in the movie, they kept playing "John Brown's Body" as the Resistance Song.

That is an anti-South hate song.

I was in DC when Reagan was inaugurated, and I wrote an article in the Southern Partisan bitching

about that song being played at Reagan celebrations. Thurmond's office read my article and it

stopped at once. I am a real SOB, but I am a very effective SOB.

Back to your point.

We ARE occupying Iraq.

Even on September 11, 2001, I made it clear that I understood a lot about the Arab's point of view

LINK: September 11, 2001 - MY ARAB SYMPATHIES

If I were an Arab,

I would want the Americans out of my heartland.

So why don't we get out? Bush and Kerry agree we will be there for many years, all for the good of the Iraqis, of course.

The so-called Iraqi nation is a joke. It is cobbled-together province of the old British Empire. You know that.

Iraq is a multi-ethnic state. All multi-ethnic states end up with an authoritarian ruler to hold them together. Yugoslavia was doomed the minute Tito died. Iraq will have another Sadam or it will come apart.

America demands that Iraq be free and united. Where did this nutcase idea come from?