ARE FACTS RACIST? | 2001-03-03

If you don't want to be stereotyped, don't act like a stereotype. Now that conservative points are being made on the Fox Cable News Channel, the response of almost every female liberal interviewed is to scream. This kind of hysteria is exactly what the women's' lib movement claimed women do NOT do, but that is what they do when challenged.

In fact, the root of the word "hysteria" ties it to women. I think women have every right to resent that deeply -- unless they get hysterical about it.

A redheaded black woman spoke for reparations to black people for slavery on Fox Cable News Network. She made herself into a living, breathing stereotype of feminine hysteria.

On August 26, 2000, in REPARATIONS FOR SLAVERY -- A LIVELIER ISSUE THAN YOU MIGHT THINK, I said that even in the 1960s, I was dealing with this issue of reparations. In my economics class, I pointed out that descendants of blacks who were enslaved are economically infinitely better off than the offspring of those who were not. In terms of money, if we are going to do this, black Americans would owe vast sums to the evil white race.

No one disputes this. The anti-reparations man on Fox pointed out to the red-headed black lady that the children of American slaves now receive FIFTY TIMES the income of those who avoided slavery.

Absolutely nobody disputes this. So what was her response?

Her response was the same one that scares off all respectable conservatives: a shriek. She began loudly demanding how he dared say such a thing.

As well she might. Nobody else dares point out facts like this to her.

She shrieked "racist" at him for stating this fact, and went into the usual hysterical fit.

Nothing liberals advocate ever WORKS, but no respectable conservative is ever allowed to state this fact. One of my friends on a national talk show once pointed out that every year we have given more money to public schools, and each one of those years test scores have headed downwards.

Once again, no one disputes that the test score decline has gone hand in hand with Federal increases, but the liberal on the show sounded a lot like that red-headed black woman. He didn't shriek, but he did shout, in effect, "heresy."

My friend was never invited back.

We all know that exactly the same thing happened with the book "The Bell Curve"." No one disputes the facts, but every conservative will help suppress any discussion of those facts.

By the way, the co-author of that book was a Jewish Harvard psychology professor named Richard Herrnstein. When the book was published, he was dying of cancer. The only argument liberals make about the book is to say it is a pack of lies cooked up for money by white supremacists.

The best argument against this rather obvious liberal shriek is that Herrnstein cleared the book for publication when he knew he was dying. When liberals have made this particular shriek, I have asked them why a Jewish Harvard professor would sign on to such a piece of heresy for future gain, when he knew he had no future.

"The Bell Curve" is a deathbed statement, and those are notoriously truthful.

No respectable conservative will ever ask this. They tacitly admit the liberals' premise: facts are racist.