Quantum of Solace was Ian Fleming's one short-story attempt to get out of the James Bond mold.

Why he gave up on it can be seen from the ads for the movie, which start with "James Bond is Back!"

Since everything relates, his message in Quantum of Solace can be applied to the preset day. His theme in this domestic drama as that there is a difference between selfishness and having not a Quantum of concern of the other person. The victimized husband finally reacted totally when the wife showed a merciless heart that showed not het tiniest bit, a quantum, of concern for him.

The Mantra makes it clear that the establishment has not a quantum of concern for any white feelings for simple survival. In Quantum of Solace, the real story, you ask yourself if there is ANYTHING the man will not and smile while he's taking it. But when the worm turns is absolutely without mercy.

I was reading an editorial quoted in This Week where the writer pointed out that America's disasters today come from the fact that American leadership on all sides has no feeling, not a quantum of solace, for other people's feelings of IDENTITY.

America today GENIUNELY cannot understand how Iraqis feel invaded. America is doing all the Wordist things, Freedom, Democracy, economic betterment, but the ground feeling there is that simply that Iraqis want us OUT.

Absolutely no previous group of humans or of social animal would have any trouble understanding the Iraqi point of view. Like Fleming's real Quantum of Solace, this is one of those observations that is so obvious it is hard to get. To sell the movie, you forget the point and just yell "James Bond!"

That editorial made the point that American has not a quantum of concern for people's IDENTITY. It is exactly like the rejection of ALL supply and demand that wrecked the Soviet Union. You cannot be totally blind to a basic reality and run a society.

Or a foreign policy.

This factor is enormously important. We find it impossible to believe that our leadership can have NO concept of loyalty in human beings, the reality that an Arab could reject Love, Brotherhood, Democracy and Prosperity just to be ruled by his OWN prejudices and superstitions of his OWN people.

What is important to BUGS is for us to realize that the new generation is not being tricky. It has a real, a genuine blind spot.