The "Mantra" would work best if the target audience already questions the powers of PC.

We are deprogramming a cult and first we must get the herd to start questioning the authority of its priesthood and then we add our layer to their freshly cleansed belief system.

Anyway it's about power, and let me state unequivocally that the first normal sounding candidate to come out and question PC will garner more power than they know what to do with.

Comment by Simmons


"We are deprogramming a cult..."

Those words opened up my whole life before me. They are the five most important words I have ever READ!


Just because it is so BIG I did not see liberalism, respectable conservatism, Marxism, as a simple CULT. Seeing that, Political Correctness is NOT puzzling.

I look back over more than fifty years of dazed faces repeating the same stuff. And the stuff was:

I have learned the Truth! All that I thought was good is bad. Above all, everything I thought was beautiful is ugly.

Rev. Moon's Universalist Church DEMANDS interracial marriage.

The ONLY link between members must be the Reverend Moon, not race, tradition or anything else.

Every time I talk to a Political Correct type he forgets everything I said the day before.

He has that blank look I have seen in brainwashed POWs, like something is being said that hurts, because it upsets careful and hard-won programming.

I have been reading biographies of Stalin, and it always strikes me as surrealistic that grown men could dedicate their lives to a CULT. It is easier to see behind the Iron Curtain. Letter after letter to Stalin worried whether the writer was being, quote, "Politically Correct," unquote.

But I saw the Hare Krishna and the Moonies at their height, out on the street hustling money and always ACTIVE; exactly the way Politically Correct people are today.

You can get ten thousand PC whites on the street easier than you can get a hundred real white working people.

Who knows what the Monies might have become? But they did not know they were up against an earlier Moonie Movement a thousand times as powerful as they were.

Those five words, "We are deprogramming a cult" represents the BASIC thinking I keep begging for. But even my begging for this showed how critical it was that someone SAY THOSE FIVE WORDS.

The one thing every Cult says is "NO BASICS".

Basics are everything a cult crushes. The basics are all in the cult. You must be programmed. And programmed we are. And I am out here on the outside begging people to think BASICS, which is EXACTLY like telling people in Jonestown to declare BASICS.

PLEASE take this lesson to heart. Please THINK about it. Please TALK about it.

My whole life has been lived almost incredibly much as an outsider. THAT is the reason I have completely escaped the programming. We tend to be outsiders, though that is certainly not a fixed rule. But I thought it was the RESULT of our personalities. It may also be the CAUSE of it.

I made an excellent living in politics, and there is no more insider vocation than that. But I was psychologically self-made.

THINK about this. Don't JUST regurgitate some opinions, though they are welcome. Think over your life this way. This could tell you a lot about YOURSELF.