"We are NOT "mankind." We are brawling, aggressive people no one can unite. Or Conquer."

Bob, what about the welfare trolls I see every weekend while shopping for groceries?

They are white, usually obese, dirty, not old, addicted to taxpayer's money to the point of thinking it's owed to them, have hordes of white-trash kids (from multiple fathers) trailing along behind the "Free" food cart. These people HAVE been conquered and they are WHITE! If it can happen to them, what makes you think it can't happen to the rest of the white race?

I fear this, I really do.

Comment by Mark


First, allow me to feel a bit of triumph at your saying:

"I fear this, I really do."

You are not a member of The Greatest Generation. You said to Ole Bob that this scares you.

You don't know what a triumph that is. I am so desperately tired of being told that the essence of True Manhood is that one knows no fear.

Now take a psychological jump with me. We all take it for granted that ten thousand wildebeest live their lives in fear of the pride of lions which sits there and picks off the slow and weak among them. There are TEN THOUSAND of them! Why don't they just stomp those twenty or thirty lions to death?

They never have. They never WILL.


A troop of baboons obeys the alpha. The rest of the baboons are denied the most basic of instincts, the ability to BREED, by that alpha.


If the other males got together, they could rip the alpha to pieces.

That is the way the world WORKS.

Why should all the unstoppable invasions in history stop at Vienna?

I don't start with the illogic of it. I start with the fact that they DID.

Why aren't YOU one of the welfare trolls? If they are white and you are white, why aren't you one of them?

To an old South Carolinian like me, there is no mystery to this, and there is no novelty to this.

We called them "trash."

And we forgot about them.

The white race is not superior because we are ALL superior. All those invasions did not end at Vienna because everybody north and west of Vienna was an Ubermensch, an Aryan Superman.

Let's ask another question that is more relevant. Why did all those invasions roll across the whole world UNTIL they reached Vienna?

Because Genghis Kahn and Mohammed were the ONLY alphas in THEIR world. They had no competition until they reached Vienna.

Do any of us wonder why Papa Doc Duvalier ruled Haiti? Do any of us wonder why a Ho Chi Min or a Mao Tse Tung or a Pol Pot has absolute power in Asia?

It never even occurs to us to be puzzled about why the third world is routinely despotic.

But we would be ASTOUNDED if a Stalin did not run into a Hitler and a Hitler did not run into a Churchill in OUR world.

Asia and Africa are SUPPOSED to be ruled by Strong Men. That is the way of the world.

But in the West, our whole history is a struggle between popes and emperors and kings. We have never sorted out the alpha.


There is no Alamo outside of the White world. There was no Thermopylae outside of OUR world.

Look at the number of historians trying desperately to discredit the "Alamo Myth." The Alamo stands in the path of Politically Correct History in exactly the same way that Vienna stood in the path of one World Conqueror after another.

The answer is because our world contains people like US.

Our white world contains many betas and deltas and gammas. But our white world also has a wildly disproportionate number of ALPHAS, people like you and me.

They can scream, "There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his Prophet." Their whole world will collapse before an alpha statement like that.

But we will say, "Balderdash!" "Crap!" "Nonsense!"

When they say the white race has to go because all mankind is one in the Name of Allah or Jehovah, we will reply, "What pile of crap!"

In all the world, the buck stops HERE.

For all our pretences at respecting All Mankind, the fact is that Asia and Africa are EXPECTED to roll over at crap like that.

But HERE, an Alamo or a Bob's Mantra or a Thermopylae is natural.

Despotism is the routine lot of Asia and Africa and all the nonwhite peoples. YOU take that so much for granted you haven't even THOUGHT about it.

But it ends HERE. There are Bobs with Bob's Mantra here. You have no trouble with the idea that Afro-Asians can be slaves, but it SCARES you that WHITES can get that way, and you SEE whites getting that way.

Your question, Mark, is your answer.