One of the predictions we evil segregationists used to make about integrated schools was that they would lead to violence. This did not take a great deal of prescience, since the District Of Columbia schools had been integrated by Eisenhower in 1954 and they were already well on their way to being all black the next year.

As I pointed out in "We All Live in Soweto Now," it is not that all the disasters we predicted with integration did not take place. They all took place, but we accept them now as routine. Respectable conservatives would be the first to shriek for the lynching of anybody who dared remind liberals that every disaster we predicted with integration has taken place.

Likewise, when the FBI gave its report on its "study" of school violence, they said the problem was not forcing naturally hostile groups together. The kids just have to be manipulated to accept the whole disaster without resentment.

The FBI also wants school authorities to check children's "access to guns," which is a liberal code term. Actually, the interest is not in "access," but in discouraging people from owning guns. Schools have already begun to ask children about whether their parents have a gun, and this will help make teachers into BATF watchdogs.

As I pointed out before, Professor Lott has pointed out that in one instance in Mississippi, school violence was ended by a teacher who went and got his own gun and faced down the shooter. Several people were killed because Federal law requires that a person -- meaning only law-abiding people, of course -- keep no gun within a thousand feet of a school, so the teacher had to take precious time to run and get his gun from that distance.

Oddly enough, this Federal law did not keep the shooter from bringing HIS gun into the school. It did, however, force the teacher to run at least four blocks to get his weapon. This teacher's facing down the attacker was an act of true heroism, but, as Professor Lott pointed out, the press carefully avoided discussing it.

Did the FBI "study" discuss this insane law's effect?

What do you think?

Another cause of school violence, says the FBI, is a lack of enforcement of Political Correctness. Teachers don't need guns to fight guns, but they do need to police humor. "Inappropriate humor," the FBI says, is a danger sign.

Let's see, gun control, Political Correctness, the presence of whites in schools, what else could the FBI come up with to make the Powers That Be happy?

Oh, yes, more money for professional help. Social experts, those people who have enforced the theories that have made our public schools such runaway successes over the last couple of generations, need more money to deal with school violence. Doubtless they will do just as good a job with that as they have with everything else.

The FBI, like the military, tends to be worshipped by conservatives. So this report won't be criticized by them. As for those of us in the sane minority, we cannot take anyone seriously whose reports come straight out the PC Codebook.