We are told that as soon as non-whites become a majority in America, the world will end.

As I just explained, my ancestors took this continent from non-whites. Centuries later, my South Carolina ancestors, who had just been decimated in the Civil War, fought the same combination: a voting black majority, white traitors, Federal occupation and alien Yankees we called carpetbaggers who were the liberals and anti-white Jews of their time.

We beat them. When I was coming up, everybody assumed the Soviet Empire would last forever.

We beat them.

So once again we are in a war that is being fought on many fronts.

I spent forty years or so in the Cold War against the Soviet Empire. I made mistakes that I will never live down. I took risks on my own that the Greatest Generation brags about all the time, but they took those risks on order from others who took responsibility.

Some of those mistakes, particularly early on, consisted of telling people on the front line what I thought they should do where THEY were.

So what is the point of this besides telling you how great this pompous ass thinks he is?

My point is that we are in a war that is very much like the Cold War. The Soviet Empire's greatest allies were right here in the United States Government. You took that for granted or you ended up dead.

In the Defense Intelligence Agency, the head of the Cuba desk got sent to prison because they finally discovered that she had been totally dedicated to Castro throughout her thirty-year career.

This was routine. There were (are) a lot more like her. And back then you had better know it, and never say it, if you are a loyal American and you wanted yourself and your operatives to stay alive.

Maybe I am trying to be too much of an expert, but I don't think many people know that we loyal white gentiles are in a war, a worldwide war. They say it, but they don't really understand what that means.

I see the enemy we must attack right now


Reagan had to declare the Soviet Union an Evil Empire and use the Trojan Horse of the Strategic Defense Initiative to bring down the Soviet Union. We fought so long and so hard to get to say that, and even when it happened, the White House staff kept trying to thwart us.

All that time, all the paid experts fought us every inch of the way. Not one of those paid experts ever predicted the fall of the Soviet Empire.

We will win because a few of us realize this is a war, not something someone's instant formula will take care of, not something the exposure of an Evil Conspiracy will deal with.

All that crap is in the way.

But we will not quit and we WILL win.