FOX'S GOLD MINE | 2001-02-24

On July 10, 1999 in NO, IT'S NOT DR. WHITAKER, I bragged that two of my professors in graduate school later won Nobel Prizes (and admitted I didn't finish my doctor's degree).

That article also explained why such a gold mine of talent flowed onto one campus: it was almost the only really conservative graduate department of economics in America. With the almost total ban on hiring non-liberals on American faculties, the few conservative places where they could be hired had a mine of talent available.

The Fox Cable News Network just put former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan on as one of their commentators. They have former congressman Kasich and they have former Friend of Bill, Dick Morris, who is now considered a traitor on the left.

The proof of REAL discrimination is that if you tap the talent that is shut out by it, you get a windfall.