GEE, GUYS, WHAT HAPPENED? | 2005-05-21

Back to May 8, 1945. Roosevelt gave Stalin Berlin and half of Europe.

And, gee whiz, something else happened. Stalin and Roosevelt, with Churchill invited as a formality, met at Yalta to divide up Europe.

Churchill found that his old friend and worshiper, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, completely ignored him. He was terribly upset. What happened to the praise and glory his bosom buddy FDR had given him when he was the front guy for destroying Germany?

When two great powers are dividing up a silly-ass continent that just destroyed itself, they don't have time for a clown who is living in 1814. Churchill never figured that out.

Edward R. Murrow and the liberals gave Winnie Churchill one more shot at being a Great Prophet. After all, he had done his part for the leftist cause and he deserved a little praise.

So in 1948 Winnie said in a speech that "an Iron Curtain has fallen over Eastern Europe." Stalin, his buddy, his ally, his Hero, had taken his half of Europe and turned it into some kind of - well let's say it - some kind of a DICTATORSHIP!

Only a genius and a prophet could have figured THAT out!

I am NOT joking.