Respectable conservatives live by liberal words like "racist" and "isolationist."

There is a huge amount of competition between conservatives to get that label "respectable." In order to be a respectable conservative, you have to prove that liberal approval means more to you than anything else on earth.

The one thing that is important to President Bush is to show that he is not in Iraq "fighting for oil." That is what the liberals told him he had better not do, and their wish is a respectable conservative's command.

Exactly how would you prove that America fought "for oil" in Iraq? Liberals are saying that Bush will fight in Iraq "to get cheap oil" for Americans. What does "cheap oil" mean?

"Cheap oil" means that Americans would get oil for a price lower than that set by OPEC. George Bush would rather die than get cheap oil for Americans.

So the price for Iraqi oil under Bush will be whatever price OPEC sets.

See WOL World View for February 8, 2003 - "America Will Join OPEC against Americans"

A respectable conservative will back OPEC, abolish the white race and bus his children into the ghettoes to keep liberals from calling him names. No price is too high for a conservative to avoid a liberal label.

American politics is hungry for a party devoted to selfish American interests, rejecting diversity, punishing criminals cheaply, paying off minorities, white "racism" and everything else respectable conservatives and liberals oppose.