The general outline of American history goes thusly:

Northern Europeans took it from the Indians under the English flag, and then took it from the British.

New England then took it from the Americans.

Then the Jews took it from the New Englanders.

Now the minorities the Jews used to take it from New England hate Jews, openly and with a passion.

What we call conservatives want the country back in New England hands. Those we call liberals want it back in Jewish hands.

Here is the Whitakerism: You can get more out of analyzing the few sentences above than by reading a hundred tomes.

But reading tomes isn't WORK. You can just sit there with your mouth open and go through words. Every second of taking a few short sentences like this apart and fitting or contrasting them with reality is WORK.

WORK for which Mommy Professor has crippled us.

History talks about the Virginia Dynasty. For its first 36 years of our existence a man from Virginia was president. John Adams, the only exception, was appointed by Washington and he was the first single termer.

That a whole generation of Virginia presidents. But Mommy Professor never points out that Virginia had one fifth of t he United States, a bigger proportion than California and New York combined.

Political Correctness goes back to the Revolution and indicates it was fought entirely in Massachusetts.

Jews and Dungeons and Dragons

If you actually read what I said in "a Simplistic View of History" you see that it would be termed anti-Semitic and banned outside the US. But its outstanding trait is that it makes Jews into human beings.

European law requires the assumption that Jews, unlike any other race on earth at any time, are incapable of normal human actions and reactions. So in my historical view they are in the same category as original settlers, the Americans those original settlers turned into, New England Brahmas who took over the country from the other white native Americans.

But Jews are, according to everybody's law outside the US and the US laws if liberals and respectable conservatives had their way, are incapable of any human act which might be taken as normal for anyone else. My history would-be perfectly legal if it had stopped with the New Englanders, and even liberals would not have objected.

Only respectable conservatives would have denounced the idea because the ruling group that was closest to them was the old New-England based Robber Barony.

The complication required of someone to write in Europe and stay out of jail is truly childish.

In fact, adulthood is measured by how far you get away from the idea of a knight errant and a fair princess versus the evil ogre. European law requires you to live in that world, the Jews are perfect and the white goyim are evil. If you gave that sort of analysis in any other area of life your family would receive solicitations from retarded homes.

That is why I keep telling you that you avoid specific policy suggestions. Instead, you use any such demand as a springboard to demand, once again, that we first be allowed to DISCUSS the issue before we make policy proposals.

Presently the situation is exactly like one in which someone says to you, "We live in a world of Dungeons and Dragons. If you deny that you be arrested or lose your job or both. What is your proposal for this world of Dungeons and Dragons?

You aren't really needed. Respectable conservatives get paid big money to do THAT proposing.