History is all prose. Shared mythology. How can anybody claim to understand another person? Oh...I know. They're experts.

My ancestors reproduced. My bloodline goes back beyond my comprehension. I carry it forward through my children.

I am not the product of mind games. Suppositions. Grammatical constructs. Historical events. I am not an expert, nor a concept.

Have we all become so bamboozled by our enemies that we view ourselves as products of various beliefs instead of heritage?

How can you possibly consider the thought that your ancestors were running around like some sort of "caveman" retards before Christianity enlightened them?

If Christianity is causal to our greatness, then where are the Aboriginal Bach's? The Zimbabwean Newton's? The Nigerian Michealangelos? The Somalian Kants?

Repeat after me: "We are not concepts nor belief." "We are a specific people, defined by intrinsic properties.

Most importantly, when I look backwards in time, I see ancestors, not "historical events". When I look around me in my own time, I see siblings and children, not "political ideologies". When I look into the future, I am disgusted because I see my people valuing "historical events" over their ancestry, and "political ideologies" being more important than children.

Thank you for showing me how to think.

Comment by Mderpelding