Everything here is connected.

One commenter made a point of saying "DUHH!" - "If it is all about the Mantra why does Bob discuss all this other stuff?

Because the Mantra will need years to sink in, and I won't be here when it does.

Inertia is a major factor in all large, stable societies just as it is factor in large table physical bodies.

And of course I mean relatively stable societies. Even the universe is only relatively stable.

But I have seen things move in power politics and they are very much like the same rules of motion in large planets. A natural satellite may be in a stable orbit for a billion years and then begin to fall out of it. Compare to the agonizingly slow process by which it became unstable in a billion years, the next step is fast.

In a million years it will be wildly unstable. Then a thousand years will see as much change as all that before.

Any pro in power politics will tell you that when you have repeated a telling phrase until you are sure everybody has heard it a hundred times, 99% of the population will have no inkling of it.

Then, after you have given up, like Mussolini's March on Rome, it will suddenly burst forth.

So I am trying to tie things together for you, and to have you set to think out a program when the change hits.

I don't want anyone to say "DUHH!" when the time comes.

Right now all public whites claim to represent everybody. They are clinging to the old colonial white supremacy inertia, so it is naturally exactly that that they denounce.

When the day comes that discussing the survival of our own race becomes permissible, the colonial age will at last be over. As usual, this actuality is a complete contradiction to everything that we take for granted today.

The anti-white whites have a feeling that they are the total moral superiors of every other group. If you want to appeal to blacks or Hispanics or Orientals, you have to appeal to the INTERESTS of blacks or Hispanics or Orientals.

It never occurs to the anti-white whites that their fixed idea that only whites naturally sacrifice their existence without thinking of it is an assumption of moral superiority that would make a slave holder look democratic by comparison.

This will take a LONG time to sink in. But it part of what the Mantra carries with it. And when the implications hit, we are going to have to start thinking ahead.