Mark says:

Forgive me Bob, but I'm gonna' vent. My next-door neighbor died and his kids held an estate sale, which attracted all the gutter trash too poor to live in my neighborhood. After watching this vermin (all white) tramp across my lawn even after I told them to get the hell off, I began to wonder why we should save the white race at all.

I believe, if serious about this, that in addition to saving the white race from extinction - the hard working white race, that is - we also have a duty to make extinct that portion of our race that is too lazy to work and leaches off our tax dollars and sweat.

I'm talking about white trash here, the welfare crowd, and the social security disability whores, the ones who raise their kids to apply for welfare as soon as they hit 18.

I don't know about you but I'd much rather be surrounded by working blacks (few in number I'm sure) in lieu of non-working good for nothing white trash.

Okay, I'm done venting. And yes, I feel better....



Actually, the biological revolution is going to take care of your concerns.

I see a tide moving. The biological revolution will not only LET us make choices on our children's genes, it will FORCE us to. Random children cannot compete with bettered ones, like it or not.

And, while "pro-life leaders" have more important things to do than to remember the Golden Rule, children born relatively ugly and stupid will not APPRECIATE being born that way.

And trash can no longer have any excuse for their children's behavior. In fact, once the importance of heredity is realized, it will be the parents, not the children, who will bear the brunt of the damage to their children, and the credit for heights their children attain.

A welfare mother is a criminal and long before the year 2200 that will become a legal realization. "Pro-lifers" are all for them.

I remember back when "pro-lifers" were trying to outlaw in vitro, they gave the distinct impression that children born from in vitro fertilization would be soulless literally God damned robots.

They didn't SAY that, they just left that impression. Since dealing with them, I have learned that if a pro-lifer says the sky is up you had better Google it first. Compared to their Truth, truth means nothing, which is a typically Wordist attitude.

The 30,000 in vitro children born as of a decade ago are normal, except for the fact that, unlike random offspring, they are all WANTED by their parents and are generally home-school material.

Yes, we are going to see a total change in the 21st century. By the year 2200 you will see as many dumb, genetically malformed children as you do Amish today.

BUT if they are mixed-race, they will lack creativity, THE MAIN HUMAN CHARACTERISTIC WHICH CANNOT BE MEASURED.

A high IQ Oriental world would be as stagnant as an ant colony.

So we are moving intellectually. It will not be good enough just to produce paint-jobs like Japanese cartoons that make the children LOOK white.

Don't get into a Eugenics Balloon. Concentrate on destroying the mentality that makes the end of the white race a virtue. Already people are denying they ever said that intermarriage is the solution to the "race problem". Already people are denying they ever HEARD of "assimilation".

These were Holy Writ a decade ago, though only I remember it.

I know I have won a battle when the media enforces its forgetfulness of its own argument.

The battles I win are forgotten. Which is just as well, because there's always another hill to take, and most of our enemies and all of our friends forget my role in taking the last one.