Those who say that America is a "melting pot" and "a nation of immigrants" have a very special idea of what American Patriotism is. An Op-ed writer recently explained this idea of "patriotism" perfectly: He said

"My blood is patriotic, not for a place or a people (that's nationalism) , but for a constitutional order that my nation represents."

So for the true advocate of a "nation of immigrants" and a "melting pot," any loyalty or feeling toward a particular land or people is evil because it is nationalism.

I think we have all been warned enough times about people accused of "nationalism." They are really naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews, and that is what the Op-ed writer is saying here.

I have heard some version of "anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews" stated at least ten thousand times in my lifetime, and you have heard it thousands of times even if you're much younger.

The Op-ed writer is not saying that people who express loyalty to their people or their country are OUTRIGHT Nazis. Quite the opposite. This kind of Nazism is more dangerous than the outright kind.

To "melting potters," American Patriotism means dedication to the proposition that all men are created equal. Treason is preferring the American people over another in any way or saying that Americans are in any way special. So you can tell someone has a treasonous, Nazi attitude, not by his shouting "Sieg heil!" but by his making statements about how loyal he is to Americans as a people.

In fact, I can show you the exact words this kind of Nazi would use if he were writing an American Constitution. He would not start with "all men are created equal." Instead he would say that "We the people of the United States of America" were writing this Constitution. This Hitlerite would wind up saying that this Constitution was not written for All Mankind, but for "Ourselves and Our Posterity."

If you see any words like that, you know Hitler probably wrote them himself.