Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Operation Iraqi Freedom could not be justified because it freed the Iraqis from oppression. Putin said that if America could invade countries to free them from oppression, she would have to invade most of the world.

That makes Putin a Nazi.

A conservative must earn the "respectable" label from liberals if he is to be allowed on the major media. No conservative is allowed to question liberal policy toward minorities. Anyone who does not want to be labeled a Nazi must praise every "liberal accomplishment" in Racial Progress.

First and foremost, you cannot question Glorious Integration.

Another thing every respectable person must praise is the freeing of third world peoples from evil colonialism.

Putin is pointing out that those nonwhites that liberals "freed from colonialism" are not free.

You and I know that there are people screaming in agony right now in almost every African country. All over "liberated" Africa people are being tortured exactly the same way Saddam tortured his people.

You and I know that every day most former colonies are doing things to people that colonial powers would never have done.

You and I know that every day in most former colonies things are being done to people that would have the media screaming bloody murder if any colonial power had done them.

We all know that. But we never say that. Only Nazis say that.

Putin said that. That makes Putin a Nazi.