I KNOW WHAT TRUTH ISN'T | 2005-08-06

Old Bob has no insights to offer into the mind of Christ. But my experience has taught me very well what was in the mind of Pilate and the Jews. The Temple Jews were being challenged, their power, their wisdom, their entire reason for being was being attacked by a young fanatic.

The Temple Jews did not try to persuade Pilate they were right about the truth. They tried to make Pilate believe that his power and the power of Rome were being attacked just as theirs was. They did not concentrate on whether Jesus was right or wrong. They concentrated on explaining to Pilate why he should believe that Christ was wrong.

That is how truth is normally attacked.

In Europe you go to prison for attacking any aspect of the official version of the Holocaust, but not because the official version of the Holocaust cannot be wrong.

The official version of the Holocaust has changed repeatedly. Andy Rooney, who everybody now knows is a leftist fanatic, declared that he had seen the "death camps" in Germany.

Actually the officials have long since admitted there were no "death camps" in Germany. All of the officially designated death camps were safely behind the Iron Curtain, where the only information one got was from the government.

But a person who had said that in Germany there were no camps specifically dedicated to the extermination of Jews, the so-called "death camps," would have gone straight to prison. Until this was declared Gospel by today's Holy Inquisition of Political Correctness, you went to prison for telling the truth.

When the Holy Inquisition of Political Correctness admitted that, it admitted that it had sent people to prison for telling the truth.

And nobody noticed but me.