The media keep referring to the fact that both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and they are very close to a shooting war -- again.

Well, gosh, gang, the third world's got nukes and we may be heading for a nuclear war! Who could possibly have guessed that might happen?

The answer, of course, is "any sane person."

But in our times, Political Correctness always takes precedence over sanity.

You see, in order to keep nukes out of the hands of the third world you have to admit that the third world is not equal to the white world.

But if the third world is just as good as the white world, why are so many people so desperate to LEAVE the third world?

Political Correctness does not let you say that if the third world population takes over the first world, it will become the third world, too. So if the first world becomes the third world through immigration, we will be killing the golden goose. But that has been OK with the media until now because it will take decades for immigration to overwhelm the white world.

So we thought we could all talk about how equal everybody is and let it be a disaster for future generations, but not for us. But now that the third world has nukes WE may have to face the consequences of repeating "all men are created equal."

PC says that India and Pakistan should have those nukes because the third world has as much right to them as anybody else.

If you disagree, you're anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.