Now to the FIRST part of Mark's question:

Why do I say that "Christianity" - Shari, PLEASE note the quotation marks - CREATED the Jews?"

There is a whole category of Jews called Ashkenazi. As usual, the USAGE of this term outside Judaism is entirely different from its meaning.

What that word actually means is "A Jew who is descended from non-Jews." The entire population of Khazars, which may now constitute a majority of Jews, is descended from the Khazar kingdom which converted to Judaism many centuries ago.

If you take an advanced literature course, you will read that Franz Kafka's short story, "Metamorphasis" is the essence of JEWISH thought.

Actually Franz Kafka WAS a Jew, but he was the descendant of recent CONVERTS to Judaism. The author of the epitome of Jewish thought was Ashkenazi.

Here is how that happened: Franz Kafka's ancestors had been part of a pre-Lutheran Protestant rebellion against the Catholic Church in what is now the Czech Republic, then Bohemia.

The pope gave John Huss a free pass to come talk to Catholic authorities, who then burned him alive. Oddly enough, the Hussites did not LIKE the Catholic Church much. Finally, after years of total war, the Hussites were crushed.

This was before there were any Protestant countries, so the surviving followers of Huss were given a choice of two choices. Catholic Europe burned anyone alive who not either 1) Catholic, or 2) a Jew.

I repeat Huss's ancestors did not like the Catholic Church much. So they chose to JEWS instead.

As a result the prime example of Jewish literature had no GENETIC relationship whatever to the Old Testament Jews Robertson and Falwell worship.

So when someone digs into the Old Testament or into a Great Conspiracy to determine what Jews are, he ignores the simple fact that Jews today are the product of two thousand years of people BECOMING Jews and people assimilating into the non-Jewish population.

In every single generation for two thousand years and more, Jews have been leaving Judaism and gentiles have been converting to Judaism. Despite what you are told, there is nothing new about this.

Let's look back to the Hussites, Franz Kafka's forebears. They AND the whole Khazar kingdom came INTO Judaism, but the total population of Jews over time remained about the same.

A lot of Jews DISAPPEARED, just as they did under the Third Reich. So I have to say all the other Jews were murdered or go to prison in Europe for a minimum two-year sentence, right?

Well, no. Historians are allowed to point out that while there were huge conversions INTO Judaism, Jews had a lot of pressure on them to convert into the religion followed by the surrounding goyim, non-Jews.

Unlike every other population, be they heretics like the Hussites or our own ancestor who were Odinist or Druid, they were allowed to stay ALIVE in "Christian" countries if they were Jews.

But in every country, Moslem, Catholic or Protestant, the pressure was on for two thousand years for them to convert to the ruling faith.

A reminder: People who are burned alive don't reproduce. Remember, if you were tried to be Moslem in a Christian country, you were burned alive.

If you tried to be a Protestant in a Catholic country you were burned alive. If you tried to be a Catholic in a Protestant country, you were usually hanged instead of burned.

Being hanged hurts less. But the genetic result is much the same.

So what we call "Jews" today generally contains some of the old semitic genes, but its behavior is the result of two thousand years of concentrated genetic change.

For two thousand years, those who fitted into the population around them have steadily assimilated into the surrounding goyim. For two thousand years, those who were hostile to the society around them have converted INTO Judaism.

In our society, the hostile group we call Jews is entirely the product of "Christianity." The Jews constitute a genetically hostile gene pool which has been the natural product of this weird twist in what calls itself "Christianity."

"Christianity" created Jews.