The last time I was in Russia a few years back what we call anti-Semitism was what was so obvious to them that saying what we know about Jews was like telling them day was brighter than night.

Russians had not been "educated" - read RE-educated yet.

Every Saturday Jews get together to listen to a guy they pay to tell them that they are perfectly virtuous and everybody else is Evil and out to get them.

Out here on Planet Earth, the essence of insanity is "Everybody ELSE is Evil. I am GOOD."

If you want to survive, you put people like that under observation.

CLOSE observation.

Henry Kissinger:

"Any group that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG."

It never occurs to Jews that they are doing ANYTHING wrong. That is the essence of insanity.

There is nothing new about cults being insane. My commenters have talked about the fact that we are deprogramming a cult.

The fact that it is a BIG cult makes no difference. A BIG cult becomes an established religion, but that does not change its nature. It's still the same nut job it was when it was a LITTLE cult.

Jews hate everybody. Jews want to destroy everybody's identity but their own. Jews are nut jobs. But non-Jews who subscribe to this are PATHETIC nut jobs.

Here is the really CRITICAL point, the Mantra point:

That is all there is to it.