Technology moves very fast. Those of us who are older carry around time capsules in our bodies. Most of us still have some of the old silver fillings in our mouths. And on our arm, all of us from my generation have a piece of yesterday -- a smallpox vaccination scar.

Everybody had to have them. As late as the 1970s, you had to prove you had had a fairly recent smallpox vaccination in order to travel into many countries. Now the only living smallpox viruses left are in a handful of laboratories.

Smallpox does not exist outside of a few laboratories. The World Health Organization has recommended that even those disease stocks be destroyed. Smallpox is probably the only disease that human effort has so far destroyed completely all over the world. But Europe got rid of leprosy almost as completely centuries ago.

You know all those movies you see where evil superstitious Europeans are forcing innocent lepers to live in their own places? This is usually presented as the old fashioned ignorant approach to such diseases.

But in the real world, it worked. Leprosy was made to disappear from Europe by isolating it. The reason WHO says the remaining smallpox virus should be destroyed is because of its potential use in biological warfare.

We are facing a large number of threats of this sort. We are trying to prevent nuclear proliferation, bacteriological warfare, and other types of mass terrorism. The only real answer is to take advantage of our advancing technology to spread the threatened population out. As I explained on March 6, 1999, in "How Tomorrow's Confederacy Will Deal With Tomorrow's Reality" the real solution to this is to use our technology to SPREAD OUT.

The ruling leftist policy is the exact opposite of this rational policy. We are told that the solution to our problem is to force Serbians into living as closely as possible to Albanians, blacks and whites must be mixed together in prescribed percentages for racial balance, and the like.

None of this is necessary for the PROFESSED liberal aims. Through computer technology and simple travel, we will in any case have more CULTURAL INTERACTION between different groups than we have ever had before. We don't have to be jammed together physically to have cultural interaction.

Like everything else liberals propose, forcing groups together won't work. Once again, we must do the opposite of what liberals propose. In a world where a single extremist can destroy a city, we will have to spread out, not integrate.

I have watched liberals for decades, and this is typical. Every day it becomes more possible for terrorists to kill everybody in a confined area. The liberal solution to this is to jam as many potentially hostile groups as closely together as possible.

Can you imagine that leftists would recommend anything else?