I have pointed out to many people at many times that Political Correctness is a RELIGION, and if we attack it as a RELIGION we can destroy it.

And almost invariably the person I am talking with will say something like, "Well, it is LIKE a religion. It is a very rigid belief system."

And I say a little silent prayer, "Lord give me strength. Let me remember that this retard is trying to be sophisticated. He knows not what he does. And keep me from committing physical violence against him."

This dribbling moron, in his desperation to show he knows big words, has justified the entire Political Correctness establishment. He has completely destroyed the whole strategy I laid out.

So I take a deep, deep breath, clinch my shaking hands together and pull apart my fingers that were set to deliver a karate chop to the bridge of his nose, and ask him what the difference between "a rigid belief system" and a "religion" IS.

He never has the foggiest idea. It just sounded real smart. But he has completely missed my point.

Under the Constitution, there is nothing necessarily illegal about government establishing "a rigid belief system." There is nothing necessarily unconstitutional about the government financing a group of professors who advance "a rigid belief system."

What the Constitution specifically forbids is an established RELIGION.

If you say something is "a rigid belief system" and not a RELIGION, you have legitimized the whole professor-priesthood.

That is one hell of a price to pay for sounding sophisticated.

I did NOT say, "Political Correctness is LIKE a religion because it is a rigid belief system." I said "Political Correctness IS a religion because it is a belief system based on FAITH."

Physics is not a religion because it helps send real rockets into real space. It WORKS. Political Correctness is a religion because it doesn't WORK. It is based on FAITH. Paying professors who teach a faith is ILLEGAL.

Telling dirty jokes in class is immoral but it is not illegal. Assaulting students is ILLEGAL.

Teaching a rigid belief system at public expense is immoral. Teaching a religion at public expense is ILLEGAL.

Is there any way on earth I can get past this moron's desperate desire to sound sophisticated to make him recognize the difference between immoral and illegal?