When Republican Senator John McCain was mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate with John Kerry he indicated he might accept it. That caused a some surprise among conservatives.

I can't see why. McCain was elected as a conservative Republican, but he carries liberal water for them all the time. He says he is against gun control, but he has joined with liberals in fighting for as much gun control as they can get right now.

"Christian" conservatives do the same thing for liberals. The British Broadcasting Company recently bragged that there would not be a single fair-haired, blue-eyed, fair skinned person on earth in two hundred years. But to achieve this goal, the left needs to get non-whites into areas which are at present almost impenetrable for them.

The mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina contain huge pockets of white people. So "Christian" conservatives have begun a massive campaign to get families in those areas to adopt children from the third world. Like McCain, "Christian" conservatives can do things for the left that the left cannot do for itself.

If you want to make your living as a Conservative Spokesman, you must be declared "respectable" by the liberal-dominated media.

Respectability has a price, and the conservatives who call themselves Christians, like John McCain, are eager to pay it.