I watched the television coverage of Memorial Day. For over half a century, American soldiers died in Korea and Vietnam and elsewhere holding back the Communists. The Communists killed tens of millions of people, both before and after World War II, and mostly in peacetime. But all I ever see about Communists on television is how bad the anti-Communists were in the McCarthy era.

So what do we see on Memorial Day? Channel after channel presented hours on the Holocaust. Not a word about Communist massacres. The Holocaust is useful to the political left, so the evil of the Nazis is all we hear about.

Honest leftists refer to World War II as "the last good war." Americans who died in that war thought they were fighting against dictatorship. But it turns out they were fighting to open Europe to third world immigration. The official doctrine now is that Americans were in World War II to do away with the white race. They were fighting to open ALL white majority countries, and ONLY white majority countries to immigration and integration.

So that is now what Memorial Day is all about.

Anyone who opposes any of this is "ignoring the Holocaust." Anyone who questions the race policy of liberals and respectable conservative policy is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Leftists never hesitate to use other people's tragedies for their own purposes. The moment the shooting stopped in Littleton, Colorado, Clinton was using it to push his gun control agenda. No respectable conservative said a word about this incredible callousness. The Jews who died in Nazi Germany are useful to the left, so the left exploits them.

If you are waiting for respectable conservatives to protest even the most extreme use of human tragedy by the left, don't hold your breath.