One of the constant dangers that psychiatrists have to be warned about is the natural tendency to enter into the delusions of their patients. That way lies madness - literally.

In other words, if a patient comes into a doctor's office claiming that a giant purple mosquito is sitting on his shoulder, the doctor does not seek a compromise. He does not offer to say, for example, that they can agree that it is a SMALL mosquito and it is GRAY mosquito. The patient would never get well, and the doctor would be institutionalized.

That is why it so critical, so vital, that we keep repeating this mantra: NOTHING THAT LIBERALS PROPOSE EVER WORKS (all of Whitaker Online Archives, passim).

Liberals take the very conservative idea of keeping the air clean and turn it into a demand that bureaucrats take over every aspect of American life. This despite the fact that the most bureaucratically controlled countries in history, the USSR and China and Communist Eastern Europe, are absolute environmental disasters.

Liberals take constitutional due process and turn it into complete sentiment with criminals over victims. They all used to say that the most efficient economy is one owned and run by the government.

Not to put too fine a point on it, liberals are nutcases.

These are the sort of issues that media commentators keep telling us that Republicans should compromise on.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, these are the very issues that have discredited the word "liberal" to the point where even old-line liberals call themselves "moderate" or "progressive." This was accomplished by attacking liberals as traitorous and insane, not by entering into liberal delusions with them.

Liberals want us to stop doing that.

When the right goes after the left tooth and tong, and shows how ridiculous leftists are, they win. Republicans did this with Reagan in 1980 and 1984. They did it under Gingrich in 1994. They won as "extremists" and they lost when they bumbled back repeatedly into the "middle of the road" nonsense.

Liberalism is Blame America First, it is anti-white, it is pro-criminal, and its only consistent demand is for more bureaucratic control and more government. In the long run, you can only win by attacking all that frontally.

Moderation -- the "middle of the road" -- means that you enter into all the liberal illusions with them, and act as if leftist silliness is good solid logic that you need to listen to and compromise with.

CNN's Bill Schneider will keep demanding that Republicans go "middle of the road." Jerry Ford and all the other Republican halfwits will chant "middle of the road" till they croak.

And the Dumb Old Party will keep trying it and losing.