Every conservative has to tell liberals and moderates how sweet they are. Every one of them talks about how they disagree with liberals and moderates, but those moderates are fine, patriotic people.

For ten years everybody has agreed to forget how horrible it was for Iraqis when President Bush Senior told them to rebel and then abandoned them. Can you imagine exposing yourself on the word of the American president and then facing the horror of Saddam's vengeance?

Was this something awful that happened because the sweet old professional moderate George Bush Senior just didn't know what he was doing to the Iraqis?

Before becoming president, George Bush Senior was head of the Central Intelligence Agency. He knew exactly what happened to people when they faced the revenge of a totalitarian regime.

As we all know now, many of our soldiers have recently paid with their lives for that sellout. So now many Iraqis fight because they think Saddam will be back after all our promises to remove him.

A moderate spends his life selling people out, and Bush Senior sold people out throughout his career. Please see March 15 2003 If They Turn on Me, They'll Turn on You and What Do You Expect of a Moderate?

Don't think that because a person is called "moderate" he is wishy-washy or harmless. These are the coldest, nastiest people you will ever meet.

The business of being a moderate is selling principles out.

The business of being a moderate is selling people out.

What no respectable conservative will ever tell you is that when Bush Senior turned those Iraqis over to Saddam's vicious, horrible thugs he was simply a moderate doing business as usual.

I have spent my entire life fighting the left. But I despise moderates even more than I do our outright enemies. Leftists hate my race and they hate my country and they hate the South.

But leftists stab you in the front.