There is no difference between hatred and righteous resentment. Leon Trotsky began his career in Russia as a Jew desecrating Russian Orthodox holy relics. He was reacting to centuries of Orthodox oppression against Jews.

Trotsky was part and parcel of the Red Terror when Lenin declared it. He fanatically supported Lenin when Lenin began the Gulag. Lenin died shortly after he became dictator of the USSR, so he did not live to carry out the slaughter he began.

Molotov, for whom the Molotov Cocktail was named, was Stalin's most loyal supporter. He was the only Soviet leader who wept at Stalin's funeral. Molotov also worked for Lenin when he was dictator before Stalin.

Molotov knew both Lenin and Stalin intimately. After Stalin's death, Molotov said, "Compared to Lenin, Stalin was a pussycat."

Lenin said, "It does not matter whether the earth's population is two billion or half a billion. What is important is that the remaining half a billion be Communist."

It was Lenin, not the pussycat, to whom Trotsky was loyal all his life.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author of the now-forgotten trilogy, the Gulag Archipelago, wrote a detailed history demonstrating that Molotov's statement that, Compared to Lenin, Stalin was a pussycat" was exactly right.

Trotsky built the apparatus that Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot used to kill tens of millions of people later on. But Trotsky is given a pass by history because he was born Herschel Bernstein, a member of a minority group that was persecuted.

Trotsky demanded and helped carry out the slaughter of millions, but Trotsky was not a hater, you see. He just engaged in Righteous Resentment.

Everything Hitler did Trotsky and Stalin did first. And more of.

Trotsky did not object to Stalin's Terror. He objected to the Terror he and Lenin started "being misused" by Stalin.

After Stalin drove him out of the USSR, Trotsky kept complaining, "I built what Stalin just USED."

He was exactly right.

Without Trotsky, Hitler would never have become a major figure in Germany, much less dictator. But Hitler and Stalin were white gentiles, so history says, "They had no excuse." So Hitler was a Hater. You are even allowed to say that Stalin was a Hater.

But nobody says outright that Trotsky was a Hater because he was a Jew. He did not hate, he was a misguided idealist whose feeling was Righteous Resentment.

Trotsky is still killing people, right now, today, in Cuba, Red China, Angola, Vietnam and in guerrilla movements around the world. Do the people dying in Communist concentration camps and prisons RIGHT NOW understand that Stalin's part in their fate was Hate and Trotsky's part in their agony was "Righteous Resentment?"

To those dying people, Trotsky's Righteous Resentment looks like Hate and smells like Hate and talks like Hate, and, above all, it FEELS like Hate.

Henry Kissinger is a Jew who was born in Austria. His whole family in Austria disappeared during the Nazi regime. But his comment on all this Jewish Righteous Resentment crap was, "A people that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG!"

Too many Jews excuse anything in the name of Jewish Righteous Resentment. The Jewish community created the people who founded and built Communism. Marx became a Christian and then a Communist, but his fundamental mindset was based on the Righteous Resentment he was raised on.

A radical young rabbi once looked Jews right in the face and said, "Before you point out the mote in your neighbor's eye, look to the beam in your own."

Germany produced one Hitler. The Jewish community produces a constant stream of Karl Marxs, Trotskys, Rosenbergs, and modern worshipers of Castro.

Here is another quote:

"By their WORKS you shall know them." Not by their excuses. "By their WORKS."

Even Hitler never called his hate by that name. He said it was Righteous Resentment. All haters call it Righteous Resentment. They are right to do so. Hatred and Righteous resentment are exactly the same thing.