An old friend of mine from our graduate days in economics at the University of Virginia wrote me some old quotes of mine he had used. He was the one who started teaching me how to write understandably. We were teacher and pupil to each other.

Back then the University of Virginia graduate economic department was a refuge for right-wingers who were too smart for academia to find any excuse to completely exclude. The liberals soon "cleaned out that nest of right-wingers" as they openly swore to do. But it was great while it lasted. We were known worldwide as one of the best graduate programs on earth until the leftists cleared us out.

This was my reply to him, with the parts that might identify him cut out:

I was useful to you because there were two of you. One tended to drift off into the psychotic never-never land of libertarian theory, and the other was a brilliant mind from (his home state). The last one kept asking you, "Does what I am thinking about make any sense?"

What I kept telling you in different ways was,

"One test is worth more than a hundred expert opinions."

The god Odin gave an eye for KNOWLEDGE, not for WISDOM. He wanted truth, not Truth. He was the only god like that in any religion. That's where WE come from.

Without me, you could have joined the Xs in their chase after some sort of theoretical Objectivism that Ayn Rand twisted Western thought into. Rand was a Russian Jew, her theories were just Marxism in a mirror, like Marx's "objective labor time." They both looked at our Odinist minds from the outside.

Marxism is a combination of Christianity and the Western quest for knowledge and science looked at through a set of crazy glasses.

Everybody else looks into their navels or to an omniscient god or to History to give them Wisdom, to give them the Truth. We look straight at the world. At the University of Virginia I was a hard-minded redneck who watched people drift away in their little bubbles. They kept trying to make a theoretical system out of what to Bob and (you as the brilliant mind from your home state) were common sense.

And they drifted away.