It is hard for people not to believe conspiracy theories about the Kennedy Assassination because a big historical event has to have a big CAUSE. When you see a movie about a man selling his soul to Satan, when he signs his name there is a sound of thunder in the heavens.

But as CS Lewis points out through the mouth of Screwtape, the sure way to hell is without sudden twists or turns. There is no Great Moment to warn the victim of his peril. There is no drama.

Today any loyalty to any institution is entirely evil. If you have not realized that every institution has thrown its whole weight behind evil, and promotes it in every subtle way, I wish we could make a metal out of your resistance to reality and sell it for tanks.

The Mantra says that it is not the loud enemies who have sold their souls. Decibels have nothing to do with it. The Worst are the Screwtape types, he would be flattered to hear, the ones who quietly sell evil as common decency, as a matter of course.

Screwtape reminds his nephew Wormwood of "the standard parade exercise" in Hell of "appearing as an angle of light."

When the average moron is out for revenge he goes after the loudest leaders to punish. In this case, that is insane. I cannot imagine what good eternal damnation can do, but I do know what secular punishment, the punishment human beings have a right to impose, is for. It is entirely PREVENTIVE.

If we get in a position to expose and punish, it must be never-ending, we must have professionals going over the record of every corporation and every individual who did the SUBTLE work of following the parade into genocide and promoting it quietly. We must blacken the name of every participant we cannot reach because of death. We must take away from their heirs. This, by the way, would FINANCE a complete end to our national debt or giant research into things that need it. Revenge against big business would PAY, and that is a political double plus.

It is hard for me to talk long-term practical politics to people who know nothing but News and Jews.

The Mantra says that damnation is a quiet thing. It calls the passive joiners, those loyal to INSTITUTIONS, the true genocidists. It has little to say about the screaming anti-white blacks conservatives like to talk about, to act like they have some cajones.

The road to Hell is not paved with good intentions. How can Satan pave with a material he doesn't have? The road to hell is a parade route, paved with no intentions at all.