The BNP gained some votes in the latest British election and, by some strange coincidence, they were denied the right to have a bank account in Britain. Many years ago I did a lot of work moving money from country to country to help fight terrorists. Since many of the places I worked for were former British colonies, all this was better known in Britain than in the US.

Once again, can you imagine a free country in which any party, no matter how radical, was banned by the authorities from having a bank account? That's one way they handle opposition in Britain.

Tony Blair wants to help Bush make Iraq a Land of Liberty like Britain.

Nick Griffin asked me about his banking problem, and I am going to try to set up a bank account the BNP can use here.

As soon as I got back from New Orleans I called a big-time lawyer friend of mine whom I last saw on Capitol Hill when he was setting up a bank. Our conversation was a little confused at first. Finally he got what I was talking about.

"You mean," He said, "They won't let them put their OWN money into their OWN bank account?" He had thought they were trying to set up a BANK. Even he, a right-wing activist for decades, was astonished at this.

My reply was, "They're living in 1984 over there, man."