The rulers of America have slender connections with the general population. There are multiple reasons for this. One stands out unmentioned.

The size of the country is simply too big. Three hundred million souls cannot be governed as a republic with democratic inputs. The size creates too much consolidation of decision-making. The same reason that socialism could not work in the Soviet is in play. Supply and demand economies allow for gazillions of autonomous adjustments. Politburos cannot handle this. Ditto, political decisions. Socialism is a great system if you keep the population under five hundred.

Accountability gets lost in large institutions. In a village the moderator who takes a $50 backhander from the company that sells the folks their first traffic light will get his life destroyed for his stupidity. In New York City a $100 million could go missing and no one would know it was ever there in the first place.

At the nation's founding a Congressman represented about 50,000 people. Today that number is approaching 700,000. A man elected by that many is in truth answerable to no one. Neither technological developments in communication nor the growth of organized lobbying groups offsets the shear bulk of humanity. Those factors can be deemed two-way streets; they add and diminish. Decreasing the size of the districts will not help because the increased size of the Congress will abate further the influence of the individual members and the ability of their constituents to pin responsibility on them.

In brief there is too much distance between ruler and ruled. The existence of a problem does not mean there is a solution, for, as is said in many Te Deums, "We are mourning and weeping in the valley of tears." That is the human condition.


Robert Whitaker:

What you describe is precisely what Jews have been accused of, no human feelings for others. I'm sure AFKAN could step in here now about how a small religious sect always proselytizes universalist mumbo jumbo for the masses while saving real human identity for themselves as their religion commands them to do.

The governing elite not only does not have empathy for our identity; it is actively promoting its destruction. It values other identities. I have no martyr complex. Government has never been a neutral entity. That is pie in the sky thinking. The government will be with us or against us. It will not be above the fray.

"It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope... Gentlemen may cry, peace, peace, but there is no peace" - Patrick Henry March 23, 1775 to the House of Burgesses of Virginia.

Either you control the government or it destroys you. It is malignant. It has to be contained. It cannot be ignored. It is a voracious parasite that cannot be eliminated. It can only be isolated.