Every move you make starts in the brain. If you want to move an arm, an impulse in the brain goes to the leg or arm you want to move.

This year, the same year the SST ended, scientists put electrodes into the brains of monkeys that made robot arms move. The monkey was moving his arm, but the signal in his brain moved a robot arm instead.

You know how fast technology moves. Within this century you will be able to shake hands with somebody in Europe while you are at home.

And you literally won't have to lift a finger.

But I wouldn't invest a lot of money in this technology. Something else is sure to come along before then.

Predicting the future is a deadly serious business, and it is very difficult. That's why I resent people who blithely claim they know what is going to happen and get paid to do so.

Marxists and political "progressives" claim they know the Inevitable Future. That's silly.

Marxist professors, "Progressive" political commentators and tarot card readers all claim they know the future. Tarot card readers, political "progressives" and Marxists are all exactly equal, and you can throw in horoscope makers with them. All of them are paid by the public, and all of them are not just frauds, they are obvious frauds.

Anybody who claims to know the future is damned fool, and that includes conservative whiners. Please see World View January 25, 2003 - Please Please PLEASE Stop Sniveling!!