One of the most amazing facts, and little known, regards Julius Caesar and his invasion of Britain.

Caesar calmly pointed out that if the Britons had Fabius's patience and discipline, which destroyed Hannibal's mortal threat to Rome, not only would his army have been destroyed, but he himself could never have escaped the island alive.

It didn't worry Caesar to admit this. He knew every well that the Britons, even those who had read Roman history, could no more have discipline and wisdom than a respectable conservative could today. Like respectable conservatives, their imperatives were exactly the opposite of discipline and wisdom.

British leaders made exactly the same mistake against Hannibal that the Britons made against Caesar. The difference is that Caesar, like Ole Bob, knew people so well it never OCCURRED to him that the Britons would do otherwise.

It would like an editor at National Review actually WORRYING that one of his writers would use the Mantra!

So the Romans, like everybody but Fabius, got their hordes together, screamed, and charged.

The only group in history who used any other tactics was the Germans at Teutonburg Forest, a battle that not only stopped the Roman advance into Germany, but confirmed Augustus Caesar in his decision to end Roman expansion everywhere.

This subject comes from a Swarm comment, of course. Swarm is where our few, pitifully few, warriors run into actual problems from the other side, rather than the old theorizing about what they MIGHT say. With impressive and necessary modesty the commenter admitted he had a problem with one anti-white's reply.

The anti-white had assumed we are against ALL immigration. Obviously the anti-white was used to dealing with respectables and accordingly he said that if all the immigrants were white, we wouldn't object to it.

So, he said, we are all about racism.

If we were charging in like the Britons against Caesar, the answer we would reply with would be complicated. We would point out that immigration is not a requirement of our Constitution that is very specifically, and ONLY, about "Ourselves and OUR Posterity. "

But this exactly the opposite of the Fabian strategy, and is the key to disaster. The Fabian strategy is a military strategy where pitched battles and frontal assaults are avoided in favor of wearing down an opponent through a war of attrition and indirection. While avoiding decisive battles, the side employing this strategy harasses its enemy through skirmishes to cause attrition, disrupt supply and affect morale. Employment of this strategy implies that the weaker side believes time is on its side, but it may also be adopted when no feasible alternative strategy can be devised.

Caesar pointed out that when the Britons hit the Romans until the Romans ceased to be surprised and then withdrew, the Britons won the advantage, and a lot of small advantages, as Fabius found, add up to total victory.

So my answer in this case would be "Yes, it IS all about race." "No, we would NOT call this genocide if all the immigrants were of our race."

And above all, we would make the point: "It is all about race. Until we are able to discuss THAT openly, all this other crap you keep throwing at us is irrelevant."

That is why the DISCIPLINE of sticking to one point makes ALL the difference.

Destroying an enemy to death by pinpricks is better than letting him escape in mere defeat.

That, or Caesar wasn't a very good general.