Teddy Kennedy has raised the prospect that an invasion of Iraq will involve street fighting against urban guerrillas.

Teddy Kennedy and his fellow liberals used to threaten America with the same thing back in the 1960s. They were always telling America that it would be DOOMED if minorities seized the cities and held them. As always, not one single person ever questioned how absurd this idea was.

I remember that nonsense was brought up to me one time and one time only at the University of Virginia. Somebody said, "Well what if the militants seize the cities, what would you do?" I replied, "I'd cut off the water."

But Teddy and all the other media types, people who think the earth begins at the city line, are simply incapable of realizing how dependent a city is on the outside.

City minorities are losers. There was urban warfare in Budapest in 1956 against the Soviet occupiers. But that was because the Soviet troops wouldn't get ruthless enough. So the Soviets brought in Asiatic soldiers and they crushed the Budapest uprising.

In the 1960s, when Teddy Kennedy liberals sent National Guard troops into cities WITHOUT AMMUNITION, the cities might have been a threat. But, in the real world, if we expect to do any real fighting, we had better begin by getting a grip on reality, and reality does not include taking Gangstah Rap or Street Smarts seriously.