This week, American Patriot missiles were put on alert for a possible Iraqi missile attack on Israel. There is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of Patriot missiles. But Israel's defense is more important than any question of cost, so they are deployed.

Meanwhile there is a huge debate about the United States deploying a missile defense.

Russia and the usual Communist states are attacking the idea. So America liberals are attacking it. So our NATO "allies" are attacking our deployment of such a weapon.

During the Cold War, this same parade would attack any effective new weapons deployment by the United States. The neutron bomb was a classic case of this alliance preventing a weapon that was distinctly favorable to the United States against the USSR.

The Strategic Defense Initiative - renamed "Star Wars" by Teddy Kennedy - was the idea that finally broke the Soviet Union's will. Their technology and economy simply could not match such a US system. So Gobachev called on his liberals and his - sorry, I mean our - NATO "allies." But Reagan wouldn't yield.

But no one objects to our protecting Israel, its seacoast, its land borders, and its air.

The only two places in the world where the First World has a border directly on the Third World is at the Rio Grande and on the Israeli border. American Democrats are dominated by liberals, and they look forward to plenty of third world minorities coming into the US and voting for the left. The Republican presidential candidate is fanatically in favor of erasing that border completely to bring in cheap labor.

Bush is for the missile defense, of course, but only because conservatives are kneejerk supporters of anything in a uniform.

Meanwhile, both parties are absolutely committed to the protection of Israel's border. And both parties would cheerfully kill to protect Israel from air attack. Nobody in NATO has breathed a word against that.

We spend billions each year to protect Israel's ground borders, while our own are as open as the government can get away with. These are policies Bush will not merely preserve, but advance.

And Israel's air missile defense is sacred to the United States, unlike our own.

I am against almost all military expenditures right now. Neither Bush nor Gore will do anything with American forces except push the liberal agenda. I tend to favor a missile defense, because it protects the United States, which is, to me, what the US armed forces are all about.

My mild support becomes stronger when I see the Communists and our "allies" - and, of course, the liberals -- line up against it. These are the same people who always lined up against any military systems the Soviet Union didn't want, precisely because they later proved to be effective.