Alan Dershowitz is a famous defense lawyer and a professor of law at Harvard Law School. He is also one of the favorite commentators on legal matters on national television.

Dershowitz told CNN that, in his youth, he had been raised not to complain about the gentiles who dominated his country. His family taught him that Jews had to be quiet in the face of the persecutors who ruled over them. But, Dershowitz told CNN, he spoke out anyway. He said that scared the rest of his oppressed, silenced family, except for his heroic mother. Dershowitz said that his mother, though she went along with the policy of silence, was proud of his bravely daring to speak out.

Now, where was this brave Jewish child being threatened this way? Was this Nazi Germany? Was it in Russia, with the Czarist Okhrana waiting at his ghetto door?

I went to the library and looked up the location where little Alan Dershowitz was born and raised and silenced and oppressed. It turns out that he was born in BROOKLYN!!

While the Dershowitz family cowered in terror in their ghetto in New York City, what was happening to their fellow American Jews elsewhere? Were they too being oppressed into fearful silence?

Not really. Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of the Confederate Treasury and Senator from Louisiana, was accused of many things. He was called hero by some and traitor by others. But nobody called him SILENT!

In my youth in the South Carolina in the 1950's, the Speaker of the State House of Representatives was one Solomon K. Blatt. He, too, was seldom accused of living in terrified silence.

So why would a grown man describe a youth spent in abject terror of the gentiles in New York City? How could anyone, even CNN, take him seriously?

Let me ask another, more serious, question. There are about as many Jews in Brooklyn as there are white gentiles. Let us say that a white gentile lawyer who was born in Brooklyn was on CNN saying something similar. This white gentile lawyer would say that, as a youth, he had been raised not to speak out in the face of JEWISH oppression.

How would CNN react to THAT?

In the first place, he would be rejected on the spot. The interviewer would have shouted him down. Secondly, he would never be invited to appear on a nationally televised interview again. Thirdly, he would be labeled a Hater.

So why does Dershowitz get a free pass on this kind of open, lying bigotry?

Liberals, and therefore respectable conservatives, all agree that only white gentiles are capable of Hate. Anyone who accuses any Jew of being capable of hatred is automatically labeled anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

The fact is that Jews can hate just like anybody else can hate. Anyone who devotes himself completely to resentments and self-pity is going to end up hating. The Dershowitzes of the world - and there are a lot of them --have long since crossed the line from righteous resentment to plain, old-fashioned hatred for white gentiles. Liberals and respectable conservatives have given liberal Jews a license to hate without criticism. It is time to take that license away.

When Elliot Gould announced in a 1960s Playboy interview that, "My enemy was always the tall, blond Nordic," it was not considered Hate. This is OK, you see, because of the Nazis. But Gould was not talking about Nazis. Gould did NOT say, "tall, blond NAZIS." He simply said that all blond Nordics constituted a group of people he had spent his life regarding as enemies.

Everybody agrees that a very large proportion of Communists have always been Jews. So is it just fine for a gentile to blame all Jews for the ones who were Communists?

No way. That's HATE. But, since he is Jewish, for Elliot Gould to regard all white gentiles as Nazis is just fine.

In the 1960s, Susan Sonntag, another product of the same background Dershowitz and Gould come from, announced that, "The white race is the cancer of history." So what is the difference between the attitude of Dershowitz, Gould, and Sonntag towards white gentiles, and the attitude of a real Nazi toward Jews? Why is what they say not just as much Hate as what Goebbels said?

Not only is what Dershowitz says not considered hate, but Dershowitz is one of the official media spokesmen on Hate laws.

Dershowitz's hate is just like the hate of any other human being. Everything this man has done professionally can be explained as a result of this simple hatred.

To Dershowitz, white gentiles are his enemies and have been since they supposedly crushed his right to speak when he was a child. His entire career has been dedicated to the defense of those who are considered enemies by that evil, white-gentile-dominated society. The enemy of his enemy is his friend. He is a fanatical defender of those accused of committing crimes in this society.

In his book describing his life in the concentration camps run by Stalin, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn explains that Stalin's regime had an attitude toward criminals which was very much like Dershowitz's. Stalin and his ideological henchmen saw the thieves and their like as friends of the Communist ideology. The thieves were the enemies of property, and so were the Communists. The title of this particular chapter is the term the Communists used to describe the thieves. The Soviet Government's term for those who preyed on Soviet citizens by robbing and beating them was -- "The Socially Friendly!"

These "socially friendly" thieves were given special privileges in the Stalinist camps. They made life for Solzhenitsyn and his comrades even more of a hell.

This attitude is not limited to Communists. The attitude of liberals -- those who see the white race as "the cancer of history" and who look on all white gentiles as enemies -- is very, very friendly towards criminals. This is why they want criminals to have more rights than honest people do. If you understand the fact that their attitude is based on simple hatred, this becomes understandable.

But no respectable conservative ever dares label leftist attitudes as "Hate". They tacitly agree that "Hate" is something only white gentiles do.

I, for one, am sick of giving liberals a free pass on hate, even when those liberals are Jewish.