All the commentators are trying to out-macho each other by being war heroes by proxy. Conservatives have gone nuts at the prospect of lots of Americans in combat.

Now Geraldo Rivera has become a war correspondent.

Since the Afghan cities fell the big buzz is about how "We are going to go in and get the Taliban" in their mountain caves.

It sounds like a silly question, but I would like to ask it: "Why?"

Our heat-seeking weapons can locate Al Queda troops when they light a fire for warmth. They can be pinned down when they try to move day or night. Their supplies, even if anyone tries to bring them in, will be destroyed.

Just as I am about the only anti-liberal commentator who does not claim to speak for God all the time, I am also the only one who does not claim to be a military expert. But it seems to me we might take a leaf out of the book of the Russians who defeated Napoleon.

As you know, Russia destroyed Napoleon's army after it reached Moscow by doing nothing. They destroyed all his potential supplies and fell back. Time and the Russian winter did the rest.

Can't we isolate and destroy the Taliban remnants just by using the fact that time and air power are on our side?