It took a long, long time for the alcohol and drug recovery experts to admit that alcoholism is hereditary. Social sciences hate heredity, since what they sell is environment.

After all, the more important heredity is, the less education alone can save the world. The more important heredity is the less psychology can change the world. The more important heredity is, the less sociology determines the future of the world.

Stalin killed most of his geneticists for saying heredity was important. Leftism hates heredity because they want to change the world by their own programs. The more heredity matters, the less leftists can change the world.

O'Reilly was a school teacher. He was raised on education courses that told him that heredity couldn't matter. So he told the audience that nobody can be born with more susceptibility to alcohol than anybody else.

When identical twins are adopted into different families at birth, they not only tend to commit the same number of crimes, they commit them at the same age and they tend to be the same crimes. That is because identical twins have the same genes no matter who adopts them.

O'Reilly stated flatly that genes don't make people do anything. That is a good line for an education major. That is a good line to make you respectable to liberals. But it makes no sense at all.

O'Reilly is fun to watch and he has guts. But always remember that the only education he ever had was education courses, and, on some issues, he never grew out of it.

That is why O'Reilly, who has common sense on any other issue, is such a nut-case integrationist.

It is also the reason he is allowed on national television.