I TOLD YOU SO! | 2004-09-18

I doubt seriously whether the Kerry campaign will recover. Democratic Senator Zell Miller, a keynote speaker at the Republican convention, probably single-handedly derailed the Kerry campaign.

There is something fatal about nominating a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts and then having him campaign nationally for weeks. With the Bush Administration in so much trouble, the Democrats might have elected Edwards of North Carolina.

And Clinton wouldn't have minded Edwards as the presidential candidate in 2004. Whatever happened, if Edwards had a less Clinton-like Northerner as his VP nominee, the Clintons might not have stabbed him in the back.

I may be paranoid, but I know power politics. I know Bill Clinton does NOT want Kerry to win. I know that the media doesn't subtly turn against Kerry this way, leaving him lone and shouting and looking like it, entirely by accident.

So the star of the Republican show was a Southern Democrat. Damn, he was GOOD!

You may have thought that Republicans had a monopoly on stupidity. As long as they keep nominating presidential candidates from Massachusetts, stupidity remains safely duopolistic.