Public Television had a tribute to Franz Boas as the founder of the black-Jewish alliance. Franz Boas was a Jew from Prussia and he regarded white gentiles as the common enemy of all minorities, including Jews.

Everybody agrees that liberal money is largely Jewish. I am just not supposed to say that.

But it is a critical consideration when American policy in the Middle East comes up.

What I am saying here is

1) What everybody knows is true; and

2) What you can get killed for saying.

As long as the overwhelming majority of American Jews remain dedicated to Boasian ideas, I cannot wish Israel well. If American Jews got off their anti-white kick, I would be as concerned about bombings in Israel as any decent person would be. But as long as the money that finances Israel also finances open borders and anti-white policies in America, my interests run counter to Israeli interests.

I did not make it that way. I did not declare this liberal war against my people. But it is there and it is very, very real.

Israelis cannot help that their money comes from American liberals. But Israelis are also not ignorant. Israelis know more about what is going in Jordan than the king does.

American Jewish liberals want a third-world America. That would destroy us, but it is also stupid for Israel. How long would Israel survive if America were third-world country?

Jewish liberalism is like moderate Republicanism. It is not only unprincipled, it is stupid.

If conservative Israel supporters demand that Jewish liberals stop backing our enemies, it will have an effect. But as long as all the demands go one way, everything for Israel and nothing for us, conservative Israel supporters are selling us out.

When those who finance Israel stop financing the enemies of my people, I will wish Israel well. But until liberal Jews call off this war against us, I cannot sympathize with Israel.