William Fox wants me to write the book on "Wordism" I wanted to write and to write an American history from the Southern white point of view.

Sometimes a person who gives out good advice is the last to listen to what he himself says. I keep telling you that all my ideas must interrelate. I suddenly realized that both these concepts interrelate as a single subject. The Southern concept of the American Union versus that of Lincoln's is a classic example of racism versus Wordism.

We always saw America as united by RACE. The settling of the British colonies was always looked upon as an extension of the expansion of the Indo-European, Aryan RACE. The covered wagons we used to move westward even LOOKED like the ones our Aryan ancestors used as they moved, wave after wave, into Europe, Iran, and India.

We no longer find it easy to think of India or Iran as a part of that migration because they are no longer WHITE.

Our ancestors went to America by ship. But my Weissaker ancestors took over Britain by ship, too. I don't have to tell you about the Vikings.

Not a single word of the ancient ship-talk we all now about has a Middle Eastern origin. From jib to yardarm, it is all Old Saxon stuff.

To get back to the interrelation of my thought, you remember that I have said repeatedly that those who hate invariably use the word "Hate" to describe their enemies, that the person who is our to destroy education poses as a champion of Education?

Lincoln talked endlessly about Freedom and put America under martial law to win the 1864 election.

And, above all, Lincoln talked about Saving the Union.

So by now it is routine to the point of a yawn for you and me to look for the person who destroyed the Union to look for the person who shouted "Union" loudest.

Today we have the fruits of Lincoln's labors. The idea of single united America is going down the tubes, and everybody knows it.

The Union was a result of the Aryan movement into America. In the Dred Scot Decision, the Supreme Court made it perfectly clear that America was a WHITE country, and that was the basis of our Union. Southern states owned slaves, but Northern states benefited from that more than the South did.

But in 1863 Lincoln ended THAT Union once and for all. He threw away the Preamble to our Constitution, on which the Union was based, and declared that America is based on the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, that ALL men were created equal, that ALL men made up America.

Lincoln talked about a house divided against itself cannot stand. But that is precisely what we have today, a house divided against itself. And every day it is MORE divided.

When Yankees took the side of the blacks and the Indians against us, their fellow whites, they destroyed the contract that had taken America all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The Fourteenth Amendment was the final nail in that coffin.

So I propose that the two books be one book.

What say ye?